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by on August 31, 2010

`Do the computer programmers of today continue their art after death to reprogram human minds to evade reality also?’
`How can the quality mind of the Jewish male be brought up in the 20th Century when being raised yet in a matriarchal society?’
`Why not have the least able minded earn proportionate salaries by allowing the rest to understand their social anomaly with the Self thinking interface which tells no lie?’
`The one fortunate thing for a conscious mind is that it was born dumb and remains so now to not see the horrors coming!’
`The conscious mind perceives life’s vicissitudes as a hodgepodge of disconnect events lacking much correlative import kept secret by its id until it manages to kill it!’
`A balanced mind, while fitting the dictates of a CPT theorem, yet must have a balancer, unknown yet but the conscious mind!’
`Children’s mindless TV exposes beat music and confrontational violence to prepare them for the coming inevitable where their ancestors need all conditioned to draw blood wherever needed!’
`The verbal grunt with some stick drawn squiggle image may offer an entire story to the entoptic using aboriginal minded whose right brain dominates, yet requires an entire book to delineate for the intellectual left brain dominated!’
`The human soul never steps down a lesson its conscious mind had better learn before it gets knocked down!’
`All animals yet have the same ethnic basic mind yet with various evoluted ethnographic growth as the human, obtain different ideas over time. Only do the primary shamanistic `visual terms’ remain valid as comprehensible to the less evoluted neurotic.’
`There is nothing wrong with working hard in life if indeed one can learn something worth while now very limited by authority whose only learned behavior is to prey upon the able minded as become dangerous to them as think too well!’
`Humans harbor a disease for a greater wanted value of feeding unseen henchmen as ancestors to keep a conscious mind stupid!’
`We harbor a disease for a greater wanted value of feeding unseen henchmen, often ancestors, to keep a conscious mind stupid!’
`Man’s conscious mind often believes what `suits’ at the time, but has no idea of his time oriented alterego’s need for offered twisted reality for any consciously suited belief!’
`Born at 328 K. and dies at that temperature, its conscious mind knows of little other temporal rate in life unless another watches with a brain cooled or fevered artificially.’
`Mind control not gun control is America’s real problem so the question is who evoke former while fearing the latter!’
`Any `disassociative’ personality disorder is merely a syndrome that defines a conscious mind losing or changing an unconscious faculty never to be understood as long a s that latter faculty sustains full control!’
`The autistic that strobes his own brain to get action shows a conscious mind seeking, since its id will stop censoring if finding how to access the right brain for insight to so finalize that id’s masstime sojourns, preferring to buy time if possible.’
`When Nature suppresses an id it is to benefit it most when it can’t censor its conscious mind, so both learn rapidly. The drawback is that less protection remains so Chi must be relied upon, as that conscious mind’s decision, just as in the idiot savant.’
`The propulsion into genius is Nature’s design however somewhat scary to a conscious mind not used to inner visual nuances.’
`The growing confidence level of genius that we are idiots may define a yet dumb conscious mind wondering why 5HT sustains its ignorance up to our mutual volitional demise to evade Nature!’
`Whereas the lack of ego strength can permit ancestor mtDNA tapping at will, even others externally to make a vast nuisance to the yet naive conscious mind lacking the wisdom to use Chi, at least they can easily tap their right brain for that wisdom with less left brain censoring as find quality health sans AiR!’


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