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by on August 31, 2010

`When human folly is performed seldom is ever is the conscious mind responsible yet never will modern `justice’ perceive such fact as are equally ruled by that folly prone faculty!’
`One discusses nothing with the religious or scientific now on anything profound because have their minds made up and the law on their side ready to react upon any truth being divulged!’
`Spiritual gratefulness can only be for the conscious mind’s opportunity to meet God’s will, whatever, however or whenever it might be accomplished!’
`The human conscious mind suffers agony “just because” when its soul has little else to do once censoring easily that conscious mind as should learn first the body belongs to it instead!’
`A `shrink’ must shrink his client’s id to a manageable size to be no threat for suicide, then awaken its conscious mind to so take charge or else lose the whole attempt at psychotherapy!’
`To call some UFO an illusion to equate same as irrational defines the same faculty sustaining a conscious mind’s stupidity so an even greater hazard to the viewee at such time!’
`Any `collective unconscious’ as Jung would define would need to be an aggregate of minds so never the supreme Apriori one. The expression of some perverted majority now classified as UFOnauts would never clarify reality since mist profit on stupid mankind!’
`As a post hypnotic program, mankind is more of these zombielike creatures than `alive and well’ today because the least well are manipulating everyone’s mind to harness their fatty lipids!’
`It is our subjective world of reality that counts even more than worldly slowtime, yet a primal mind must begin someplace!’
`From packaged cliche to official proclamation, the human conscious mind remains programmed as any pastured animal now, with great care of avoided imports defines its most terrible plight!’
`To even suspect what within one’s psyche calls one’s conscious mind an idiot would turn it livid with anger, which it will indeed need in order to regain any controlling dominance now!’
`The autistic’s meanness at reduced 5HT defines not only its dominance in silence but the remedy needed as LSD thence the education of the conscious mind to create an idiot savant!’
`To learn consciously why we humans die so prematurely would anger that mind which in turn would anger that which kills, using AiR in frustration as demands to govern or escape life!’
`The greatest disease man suffers from now are his women whose mtDNA ancestors have a relentless need to parade to eat while the conscious mind feels the drive to eat so relentless!’
`If the relative quark spin in either koino or antimatter can dictate mutual compatibility, then the imagined use of Chi with spin propels one relative mind to or away from another, much as Pasteur found in polarized light.’
`The human conscious mind suffers its maximum indignity, as the Anasazi did, when believing its soul’s intellectual drive to win the planet or survive just above hell sucking on ancestors!’
`The greatest perversion ever for mankind was the intellectual development of his soul for the astute coverup of its behavior to make itself into god for the kept dumb conscious mind!’
`When reason dictates God yet intellectual reason must remain obscure, man’s conscious mind is ready for reality thus its great awakening as paradigm shift with chaos yet grand enlightening!’
`All dreams appear pulled from context to the intellectual who remain unable to assemble reality from even the obvious. Those so dreaming only need to continue to think on those dreams so assemble the entire universe in their mind given enough time.’
`There is actually little frightening about Nature to a conscious mind yet its id will attempt to intimidate it to keep its own business a secret a factor now terrorizing the authorized!’
`Because Nature has a vested interest in all living things, it remains available for all but the more neurotic using 5HT as the human, now abandoned as had become a slave to its soul so need of trauma to teach it its final lessons in life as best not to be understood by its censored conscious mind to so perish in peace!’
`To put one’s conscious mind to examining life as what aids it learn about reality is the design of Nature, if one truly seeks!’
`To consciously learn what within one’s own psyche is denying most the very aid and health we would deserve if we understood in definitive terms Nature, we would be indeed appalled!’
`The grace of Nature can be found when the unseen predatory come visiting to feed but find a wary conscious mind with cocked gun loaded with spinning Chi to put down most anything, especially into slow relative time which requires much time and energy to escape to reconsider that potential victim again!’
`Since the intellectual in tenure remains happy if left undisturbed in psychological ways, the social status quo will continue at least up to such disturbance with empirical facts about splitbrain data, or other imports defining the conscious mind’s duty!’


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