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by on August 31, 2010

`It is the primary duty of the psychoanalyst to recognize how close his patient is to overt suicide, thence how well if time remains, to begin their real trek into psychotherapy with an alerted conscious mind which must act with true volition!’
`The wrapup evolutional trek of the soul will never be selfevoked. It requires an alert conscious mind with the visual aid of the right brain savant, using the nontemporal spirit!’
`Crop circles are calling cards for those souls now making up their mostly female minds to stay with the legions even if it is hell during the millennium!’
`As two unconscious lateral minds vie for dominance, the conscious mind has much trouble unless believing subjective visual import never lies however the left brain will insist it does!’
`It is the human conscious mind now catching up that brings it that great danger of apocalyptic awakening, to find the devil was an innate part as most trusted part of its historical mind!’
`The simple minded who learn some function by rote might be able to teach others a ritual but that does not develop wisdom as must be learned through comprehending all facets underlying some function however simple it might appear to the rut minded.’
`It is the behavior of the naive fearful who make others fearful in more rational ways. While an unconscious act to preclude a conscious mind from peering within its psychic complex it becomes that final trauma evoking event that mankind now fears most!’
`We all should be looking within our right brain’s offerings for better behavior which could halt the bloodshed coming, that we all deserve for not doing that foresaid looking!’
`If REM dream can program the human fetus so well then what is so wrong about continuing its use for the rest of rational life?’
`At least the ancient fetish could bring into mind what was so little held there by unsaid neurotic behaviors, learned to avoid the profound much as today where genius as wisdom is lost!’
`It is what gets said inadvertently to the insightive that so allows the alert to evade further social intercourse, or cautious psychotherapy if some conscious mind is felt worthy of the art!’
`The spooky minding think Fate has control but only err in so far as is more likely a close past relative and then not with a grudge, but is merely hungry!’
`The intellectual’s conscious mind now gets rubbed in its own excrement by learning only verbal jargon as then becomes led down his primrose path of volitional demise!’
`A cluttered mind with slogans and simple facts to sustain an ambiguous ritual is that final act of evil to evade insight use thus mental liberation for Nature’s objective of evolution.’
`At least the double complemental CNS neurotransmitter anomaly offers the key to comprehending the nontemporal’s advantage to offer insight with a freed electron a bit early for an aware conscious mind some visual import in dire situations, if indeed caring about survival then.’
`Fortunately for the human conscious mind only so much hell is available up on earth, to escape the other one through death!’
`Chaos in the brain means peace for a conscious mind!’
`Any topological study of the mind must not neglect Einstein’s complemental Alephs since define the derivation of the bilateral brains as CNS as relative spacetime derivation.’
`Nature must play tricks upon the human soul as becomes an eternal trickster in proportion to evolved intellect to so evoke agony upon its kept dumb conscious mind. That soul may deserve a final return to help finalize it’s evolution at the expense of any fresh so kept stupid conscious mind!’
`To ask for worded cheer in religious jargon makes clear the epoch of Babylon has not faded, as the human left brain continues its goal of domination as keeping stupid any moderative conscious mind that Nature built into that animal for benign Her access!’


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