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by on August 31, 2010

`It is a rape of the mind that transfers some believed physical occurrence to avoid any right brain use as for that wonderful experience of normal copulation.’
`How can the public tolerate obese servants, especially their firemen upon whom they most trust to save them, to say nothing of what governs their mind via their mother’s mtDNA!’
`Most sexual encounter after puberty is not rape even when so claimed by others seeking to profit unconsciously, as keep their own depraved soul happy as conscious mind dumb.’
`The ease of creative thought only comes after one manages to conscious put aside their censoring id which has more profit in remaining incognito thus man’s kept dumb conscious mind!’
`It is that `we’, the conscious mind that needs to care, never our soul, but because that is our charge to help its continued mental evolution for its benign Creative spirit that exists on the other lateral side of our cerebral cortex!’
`The neurotic block can be best blocked by a tired yet alert conscious mind willing to put its id into a slowtime icebox!’
`The facilitated almost as on some posthypnotic mission may lack the fear unless their conscious mind is alert enough to read subjective visual import to be more prudent in behavior.’
`The hardest thing for the intellectual to do is to consciously keep their dark historical mind from its predatory rituals!’
`The underlying terror of instated authority now as programmed by academia offering profit to the intellectual few with offered license yet lacks any instruction to acquired insightive wisdom to make clear the redundant conclusion of entire claimed civilized societies much as William Blake perceived, doing some same dull round under law enforcement. What matters is mental evolution, not manipulated profit for an established elite unless it is the Creator for an unhampered opportunity to develop to a maximum all individualized minds within slowed temporal conditions.’
`It requires the best of all father figures today to raise his girls since they have something unseen governing their minds far more astute that any in slow masstime can now perceive!’
`The subjective experience of a schizophrenic may never be understood by such experiencer. The only sign as elevated rates of expression as rapid mental processing to define their right brain nontemporal mind is doing most of their thinking. The depressed alternate state of thought schizophrenia with slow thought thence defines the left brain guidance with little conscious aid.’
`The slower UFO experience on 90 minute `timeout’ epochs is a `double speak’ event to evade a conscious mind’s referenced 250 degree K. norm where faster action (slower time) is experience.’
`Japan likely suffers little than the past Anasazis did, yet soon many other ethnic tribes will suffer such same fate because man’s conscious mind is awakening with the empirical obvious!’


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