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by on August 31, 2010

`The conscious mind is always half way between some manic and depressive state depending on relative time!’
`A human conscious mind is seldom offered the luxury of thinking for itself. This can better be understood by hectic TV or the intellectual effort to manipulate all for some profit.’
`The soul that volitionally skips out early on completing its evolutional trek may yet absorb a life’s existence but then with an active conscious mind using the right brain alone thereafter. While more recently called an idiot savant, will remain incomprehensible to the yet dominant intellectual near them in life.’
`While was always known, the vast difference between the two brain halves, the subterfuge to hide such anomaly should be the greatest enigma of all but oddly man’s conscious mind cannot perceive that obvious, even with the splitbrain data, which then defines what rules his mind most with evoluted intellect!’
`There is no mental illness worse that the intellectual with their mind made up with their left brain in full control, to so even dominate their conscious RAS mind with impunity!’
`It is the conscious mind that the spirit attends since the soul rejects even quality guidance that might be offered.’
`Soon the id tormented conscious minds will be able to put the screws to that perpetrator to keep it in extended time, to finish its net evolutional sojourn with peace at last!’
`Since it will be up to the alerted conscious mind of man to act with volition to finish their soul’s evolutional trek. This current agony mankind suffers defines the fight is about over!’
`Two eager unconscious drive the human conscious mind to excel in life by learning. One for a better survival as its Creator to evolve mentally be come a service to that Creator, both unwilling to fully disclose their objectives yet the first is never benign as the other always benign!’
`The conscious mind is in a bind when its history viewing is interprets true visualized reality but for its own profit, seldom if ever for that conscious mind!’
`Hypnosis is only good for viewing reality. It requires an alert conscious mind to `read’ or at least verbalize forcefully what it indeed sees subjectively where their soul forcefully will try to fudge such factors because discloses its own folly most!’
`To purposely `lose one’s self’, be it via NDE, hallucinotive introspection, overt fasting with various strenuous exercising, the same objective must be kept in mind to access the subjective visual data offered to explain all of one’s momentary reality.’
`How close one comes to death now determines how much more life remains, since any NDE opens the conscious mind the most!’
`In physics the complemental spacetime minds are obvious, but never will that be in religion whose basic precepts were based thereon for an ugly holy communion to replace known reality!’
`If the past Anasazi could find reality it would appear that late religion could but defines what took over mankind’s mind about that time in history to bring that promised apocalypse!’
`If the Lord helps those who at least try to help themselves it at least does not waste the Lords effort as time trying when He sees a conscious mind lost as overcome by its soul. Not oddly, even the dumb psychotherapist sees the enigma so uses drugs but the wrong ones maybe to hasten the sad patient’s demise!’
`To `dig in’ mentally means to silence oneself since they become a great danger to their self if indeed open their conscious mind to reality that authority wants held secret for unsaid profit margins often they do not know as govern their minds also!’
`A conscious mind’s willingness to reexperience a past mental trauma may show its right brain awareness to see again the genesis of such trauma hidden in its unconscious yet!’
`To exist in static time one does not register the dynamic, so a mind exists in an eternal darkness that the soul hates most.’
`Before the days of left brain offered `script’ thus whimsical expression of reality, however accurately perceived in right brain offered visions, mankind has stumbled into his own cul de sac, his conscious mind unable to discern its vast trouble.’
`The soul will pawn or prostitute its body’s left side to feed its henchmen for escape energy when relegated to hell by its conscious mind using Chi. Thus it can be understood Freud’s perception of the innate Thanatos when awakening consciously!’
`The held aside conscious mind during UFO 90 minute epochs is the only way to halt its activity with conscience which would rebel overtly it it were able, almost as the past Anasazis!’
`The past footdragging of humanity will appear stationary to the next phase of insightive using progress called the millennium but defines what the temporal evoluting mind did to those hapless animals on their first portion of such trek!’
`Since interpretation is the whole matter for learning about reality via insight which is only visual, it becomes apparent the conscious mind is the only faculty that should be dominant in using those imports, whether in self psychotherapy or creativity.’
`Fortunately those with the right mind (brain) using know well enough to not stir up controversy in any authorized corner of the sciences knowing who protects them for some common profit, as will use some obscure law with capital punishment to clear the way for profit if not avoiding public detection about reality!’
`Temperature is what dictates biological life where chemical combinations can be affected in such ambient environment. It also defines the psychological rate of mental processing, and enigma not wanted understood as could open Pandora’s Box, now stored at zero Kelvin as with many perverted minds to wreak havoc on unprotected mankind!’
`The only gratitude the conscious mind should have is in the dreams which define reality, for the quality survival in life!’
`Women lacking an integrated forebrain must work through their conscious mind so remain reticent to act automatically on curiosity goaded subjects. This helps to force full awareness of activity to prevent accidental misdeeds where their mtDNA goads them.’
`To salute what did die with a body dies is the best a conscious mind can do as will also perish when its body dies also!’
`The `spooky’ need not be considered in life, however employed to evoke followers for some unsaid profit margin. Yet a time does come as the unconscious diabolical can be perused for answers to anomalous things, once the conscious mind is willing to grapple openly with reality for Nature’s sake when Her aid prevails!’


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