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by on August 31, 2010

`The drug a psychiatric patient into a stupor or worse soothe their id with a neuroleptic but not find the means to awaken the conscious mind to act on its own is the travesty of this century, most because it is called therapy!’
`To think we understand thus accept some precept to believe we seldom realize there are two other minds of more substantial as primitive existence within our mind, thus likely great caution should prevail since we now find argument between those two more or less unconscious minds which bias our conscious reality!’
`Does the nontemporal right mind retrieve from its complemental worded phrases in written form to display in visual ways to the solo operating conscious mind, then called an idiot savant?’
`Maybe the human condition will dictate only idiot savants can remain as all evoluted souls abdicate because of no predatory joy remains within the fully awakening conscious mind in the human.’
`It may be the envy on some parents to demand their own children learn how to read their visual mind which will evoke laws, as stringent as antihallucinogenic street drugs, to ensure academia continues to program unthinking fodder for that state!’
`While a great handicap when lacking an eager predatory time oriented intellectual left brain user, learned language can offer that key to an ensuing education to become an idiot savant to be then the greatest value to mankind with an uncensored mind!’
`Man prostitutes his own conscious mind most by being programmed in the many whimsical churches as official academia!’
`The only reason why one kicks their bucket is because their soul has made too many holes in it to escape without patchwork as should have been considered by the conscious hedonistic mind!’
`Left facial neglect merely defines what within the psyche prefers to ignore reality when a conscious mind is looking!’
`While likely addictive, the return of the human mind to its Creator with the Self thinking interface, fortunately the Lord’s time is far faster than mankind’s so may not be too stressful, as now with 90 minute intervals with man’s active volitional folly!’
`The `set’ of idiotic mind, as unheeding spinup of a galaxy’s outer periphery compared to its core for an insisted accrued matter from outside defines most all of modern science now, just as religion where preconceived notions about reality shows a greater net chaos in the human animals mind than all of God’s willful design as development displayed across His vast universe!’
`Greed gets beyond itself when the human conscious mind cannot fathom what drives as keeps it stupid from within!’
`Agony is brought to the human conscious mind in order to keep it preoccupied so as not find the real reason for life which would bring that expected escape attempt via a mass holocaust!’
`All preconceived notions sustain some status quo, far beyond any needed simple minded objective for tenured esteem!’
`The 90 minute opportunity in slow masstime to play Dracula has become as bad if not worse than in the Anasazi time, not with mass ethnic cleansing in the minds of the unseen legions so makes very hazardous for all of mankind on planet earth now!’
`The greatest flaw in human nature now catches up to that animal’s conscious mind to define its flawed portion of mind about to kill off that specie en masse if it can, which defines those who were kept naive of gun use or the profound aid of Chi!’
`Procrastination is the art of the left brain to avoid long enough imports as change its conscious mind’s view of reality!’ `The worst of all scenarios awaits women as they learn consciously what directs their mind via their mtDNA. While lacking an anterio corpus callosum to integrate thought, men will get very cautious of them to force parading women into bankruptcy to bring them back into Nature’s designed goal in humanity.’
`At best, the human conscious mind can only hope for an autistic state upon the loss of its soul, to so continue Nature’s goal of wrapping up that soul’s quality mental evolution!’
`We all seek to understand what may good for us except for the conscious mind, as programmed to be kept dumb about reality!’
`Fortunately Nature offers dream input early enough for a curious conscious mind to study the offer and comprehend what measures to take if indeed dangerous days are ahead.’
`To climb one’s `mountain’ to peruse the universe one can get very easily lost because of their nonspatially oriented left brain which has no desire for an awakened conscious mind!’


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