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by on August 31, 2010

`Not even will Nature define fully how evil the soul can becomes because it would be too much for a yet naive conscious mind to bear, to say nothing of launching a war upon it for survival!’
`The real tragedy of human life comes with an expected expendable conscious mind’s life, even if Nature offers the maximum attention to get the conscious mind alerted to moderate.’
`The greatest waste of time to evade Nature’s goal is to wrestle with the neurotic with minds made up on half truths, to evade a reality their soul refuses to allow into conscious awareness!’
`Just as subjective light versus darkness, relative neuronal switching defines which CNS as primal minds, now seen as occupying the lateral cerebral hemispheres in any animal, sustains mental `individuality’ for the evolutional design of the temporal.’
`There can be no greater a damned mind than the evoluted soul, well prepared in intellect to be relegated to infinite time but for its complemental spirit’s use!’
`It is up to one’s conscious mind to order life once their id becomes domineering with long past evoluted predatory intellect!’
`The most dangerous act in life today is to think around the corrupt who, with intellect have now the most unseen aid ever!’
`Genocide has always been volitional but most after the start of evoluted intellect to culminate in a holocaust due to an awakening conscious moderative mind in the human animal.’
`The greatest `stick’ to correct human folly is Chi, wielded by an aware conscious mind now, as avoided by that soul such use of said stick on that intellectually evoluted perverted faculty!’
`The more primitive African may be the last vestige of the astutely aware which allows the more intellectual western mind to refute the obvious for the coming apocalypse so holocaust, to so rid this now perverted planet’s cunning for a millennium!’
`A diseased mind thinks only in serial binary orders as noted with win versus lose syndromes, which defines why they little see their own disease while blundering on for attention or power!’
`The `memes’ of Dawkins on DNA will be seen as mundane as the conscious mind of man begins to realize what was being foisted upon it via their mother’s mtDNA!’
`The only true moderator of manic depression as noted in the velo(VCFS) syndrome is the conscious mind, likely stunted also with the voided gene to not heed right cerebral guidance.’
`The soul while clawing it was back up into faster time to become the human conscious mind’s nemesis now is the greatest of all threats to humanity as seeks its holocaust in anger since has found its goal and hates, it however benign its net design!’
`Coincidences can be rational, even if promoted by the temporal id to dissuade some conscious attention, especially from other coincidences promoted by its nontemporal ahead of time to succinctly warn the alert conscious mind of pending trouble!’
`To evict consciously one’s soul seldomly is permanent, even if not staying away from the body. It returns with henchmen then to aid it suck as some Dracula from the outside to become a tormenting fool called a sucubee when that conscious mind fails to learn about Chi and how to wield it with gusto!’
`To wear down the id, physically with reduced fat or mentally with needed censoring gyrations is time consuming as tiring to a conscious mind. Not oddly the whirling dervish does both of the above at the same time with the maximum of quality results!’
`The dirty linen of the soul is about to get hung out to air, but that will alert human conscious minds which will force the so promised holocaust. So be it, but something must be done soon!’
`Any tax paid that does not compensate the payer with some better quality service than he can do himself is corrupt. It is an unsaid enslavement for those unable to do much more than make promises to govern those more able minded!’
`To jump ahead of time to obvious conclusions terrorizes both the tenured in science and politics defines what rules them conscious mind at this very late hour of claimed civilization!’
`Only with a full abdication of a soul does such person become truly ambidextrous because their midbrain conscious mind takes charge of the body with no dominance as jealousy arguments then!’
`To read one’s dreams, derived from REM during sleep or while awake for genius defines an awakened conscious mind ready to do battle with their id as invent like no other human being on earth today that major sign of dying humanity!’
`The human animal would do well to turn off their TV and turn on their right brain mind as had in earlier stages of his evolution where innate wisdom allowed for benign survival instead!’
`The more one’s mind gets made up the less their other right brain can offer refutations to define that prior’s stupidity!’
`Man’s left brain occupier vehemently denies up to its death its own existence to its conscious mind an apocalyptic event!’
`Procrastination is the art of the soul, now clearly seen as a left brain stalling, for the chance to twist reality for the kept dumb conscious mind!’


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