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by on August 31, 2010

`To bother authority now is like bothering the devil since has its mind made up also!’
`It is the inability of intellect to define itself because of its need for unseen stealth especially to fool its conscious mind up to killing it!’
`Interest in the recently dead defines an unconscious collusion kept well out of view of any conscious mind’ `Children with deathwish now define the value as vast need of father figures to alert their young conscious minds for the chore ahead as the liability of their own mothers!’
`A stick is a psychotherapeutic adjunct when used properly yet best is some hallucinogen as doesn’t promote overt fightflight, without alerting the conscious mind to act on its own to fully terminate mental folly because it is all volitional today.’
`The first `stick’ to use on the psychopathic is the hallucinogen, but to offer that awakening conscious mind more to use if recidivism rears its ugly head again!’
`There is hope yet in the inactive depressive better called an autistic, while far less hope in the `active’ who need psychotropic LSD therapy to blow out that fightflight faculty keeping the subject’s conscious mind censored.’
`One eats well to do reductive reasoning well, even if it is the least reasonable at that time. More dangerous is the censoring done then to sustain a conscious mind’s ignorance.’
`The cliche “I love you” is no lie but never will a conscious mind understand what must survive upon another after death!’
`Warped space only appears that way from some slow masstime’s point of view, the NDE’s unfolding tunnel of relative space best defining the mind’s escape from the definitive to the whole!’
`Whether a damned fool or not, the soul gets left behind during one’s conscious NDE tour into reality, that factor revolting a soul who seeks fast time but would be vaporized by it so then evokes the worst upon its conscious mind in jealousy.’
`While an initial pleasure to consciously have a curious soul, it becomes a true hazard later with evolved IQ to then manipulate a naive conscious mind to buy time to then evade its completed evolutional design of Nature for Her goal.’
`The only real psychoanalyst is the conscious mind of the so mentally suffering, albeit Nature aids most by defining what may be needed via REM dream or open visual hallucination evoked by any adjuvant that blocks 5HT thus the terror now in authority!’
`Even within masstime, 2D can misdirect a conscious mind from its belief of using its left cerebral whim which even its history gets twisted outofshape from some ugly profit margin!’
`To feel good consciously at subduing one’s own unseen ancestors defines that mind’s awakening to reality at last!’
`Likely no greater anger should be fomented in the human conscious mind than to realize what fomented the ugly weather in order to promote death on which to feed, whatever the animal.’
`An eggtimer makes a fine piddle reminder for youngsters too excited with life as driven by dominant right brain curiosity!’


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