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by on August 31, 2010

`The survival of the fittest should evoke at least interest in the late human mind when it is now known its kept ignorance will brings its demise by its own left brain using id evoking AiR!’
`One is either spiritual or they follow their psyche as called soul, but only because a conscious mind can only offer allegiance to one of its two unconscious for good or for folly!’
`It never was the intent of the soul to die with its body, especially when it kills it to escape a curious conscious mind!’
`Anything and everything verbalized needs to held suspect, especially by the conscious mind of the speaker their self!’
`What occupies mankind’s left brain today is seething with the alerted conscious mind so what occupies the right brain may regain a foothold again after this first phase of evolution gets completed with a drastic thinning of that animal specie.’
`The last learned rut by the soul, however irrational, continues to be played adinfinitum once it is shoved into its entropic final home, thus a hapless conscious mind will struggle thereafter to clear those ugly habits until death unfortunately!’
`E must be that perpetual thus nonentropic energy source of all within its condensed standing wave `mass’, that massive minds locked into their neurotic block continue to believe as `spin’!’
`Radiation as subtended in raveled standing waves can only define that unity state of pure energy what also has mind!’
`Hopefully the soul learns of its destination very late in its even slow masstime sojourn to offer the least agony to its conscious mind those latter days!’
`As an upsidedown pendalum the human CNS via lateral cerebral control deines the subject’s whimsical or rational behavior, each faculty with a winlose option for such individual want. After an age around 7 years the sympathetic CNS with IQ gains dominance to rule as sustain a dumb conscious mind which should moderate all behaviors as would of informed of right brain’s known reality.’
`Opened doors we refuse to look through as most slam with an unconscious reason with fears of bogeymen, finally opens on real bogeymen as a reward for a conscious mind’s procrastination!’
`At least AiR does not bother the autistic, much as the silent schizophrenic, they can own uncanny health and happiness to the end if their conscious mind is brought into existence!’
`Only the most intrepid soul now ventures near those who can use Chi realizing it’s temporal jig is nearly up and does not mind being some underworld martyr either!’
`Devils and dungeons have become that final game of life where Nature’s reality nears revelation to wipe all past folly evolved in the human animal from planet earth with his awakened conscious mind to be led into that promised utopia as completed mental evolution for Nature’s design and objective at last.’
`It is that traumatic epoch where the conscious mind is left by its abdicating soul, now vulnerable to the whims of its mtDNA followers as ugly legions if that conscious mind knows too much!’


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