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by on August 31, 2010

`Is it genocide in the mind of a government that seeks to disarm its peaceful public when the majority of weapons are in the hands of the psychopathic roaming the streets?’
`The stark but never mentioned question facing the American public is if their government that disarms its public have genocide in mind when they know well they cannot disarm the most psychopathic roaming the public streets?’
`The human conscious mind has no longer any luxury to avoid facing what prowls in its left brain half! It will soon need to act with gusto or perish in peace hopefully for the most!’
`The least able minded must survive on the top of the social heap because they can’t anyplace else!’
`While sad that a kept naive human conscious mind cannot partake in the better life, fortunately it succumbs to not need the next venture with a soul in need of retribution!’
`The soul knows of the pending anger of its conscious mind so it defines why that soul so easily turns into Thanatos to evade what it knows would come if it awakened to reality!’
`Madoline O’Hair could not help herself with that high IQ and no corpus callosum to inform her conscious mind of inner folly!’
`To believe one’s conscious mind knows all that is necessary then most programmed in stupidity, is the tool most used when intellect intervenes with insight and society evolves as now seen.’
`Satan is merely an `ism’ where stealthy camaraderie, as in a democratic form prevails but for a common stolen property clique. While the more intellectual may be more honored when dealing with incarnate intellectuals, the net game remains the same to spook all incarnate conscious minds from examining life further!’
`At least the right brain perceives the pending folly planned by its lateral complemental to warn a moderating conscious mind. The likelihood of not informing both of good ventures in life may also occur since folly again might be expected as censored from even the wary conscious mind for whom the goodness was aimed!’
`Today’s exorcist are wise psychoanalyst who know the dichotomy between the two brain halves, as refrains from aiding a conscious mind until it has a full grip on its id to block suicide!’
`For the conscious mind’s deed of pressing on the evolutional trek of its soul does the Lord aid and abet prolife!’
`Dyslexia is a male’s response to an unconsciously wanted woman’s brain where no lateral cerebral data gets transferred!’
`The left hand of the left decerebrated boy that knew not when to stop best defines an ongoing dynamic mind without limits!’
`Women can afford to change their minds often because have no idea of what they just had thought, with so many whimsical ancestors doing their thinking for them!’
`Worldly ethnic cleansing now mounts to define the hidden grim goading going on within the human psyche, its conscious mind remaining well censored so unable to perceive the ugly liaison between past like mtDNA using ancestors of its left brain!’
`When compulsive gambling can lead to suicide it defines best who then governs such mind to begin with a factor never seen by voters when promises are made to win the planet!’
`The greatest of all witch’s brew comes from pharmaceuticals, whose engineers work closely with the devil as which lateral mind dominates them!’
`One must not fear their personal demon, once called the Devil to keep intimidated a conscious mind, but wade into it to return its threats and bluster, once knowing no dangerous AiR prevails.’
`Devil worship is merely a game of chicken where a conscious mind is kept stupid until it can be killed!’
`When several minds can `hold hands’ yet unseen to better advise incarnates to manipulate others, we find the U.S. government now the most duped of all, which the Anasazi would have avoided.’
`It is the persistent need to thwart one’s id bent on AiR that at first becomes so bothersome, then worse as their id seeks aid from henchmen to overthrow a curious conscious mind much as the Anasazis forced from their homes to evade those 2D oriented!’
`To seek to kill one’s own soul before it kills them to obtain some of Nature’s grandest peace is the most rational act any conscious mind may do considering the consequences of not doing so!’


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