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by on August 31, 2010

`The objective is to limit intellectual stealth while breaking a crack into that other unconscious, to peruse reality on its own offered visual terms. It has always been noted in the savant and the few truly creative as Einstein using insight, whose benign as playful mind defined best the profound as available to to all, even beyond the age of seven whatever academia claims!’
`Only at the end of a long trudge does the conscious mind begin to perceive why its naivete was so deep when a darkness was always controlled by its intellect evoluting a bit faster!’
`While jealousy and greed, offered by a soul’s long intellectual evolution, it also offered that stage to incarnate the most predatory who could learn from each other as purge the planet of its overpopulation to start afresh a new as benign stage of completed mental evolution with an aware conscious mind firmly holding its soul’s reins and using the Self thinking interface!’
`The advent of the animal’s midbrain defined the stage of its left brain’s evolution where some moderation was needed since its predatory program had no idea beyond hormonal scents of friend or foe and reason needed deployment up to the human stage where a fresh midbrain conscious mind could not be brought up and running fast enough for intellectual predatory perversions as today.’
`One’s personal Lord stands by ever closer to aid a yet curious conscious mind whose personal devil draws near its final evolutional stage to throw its ultimate fits!’
`From the evidence there could never be any soul willing, much less able to ascend the ladder of relative energy need to be any kind of angel to say little of its innate behavior. The NDE experience would also conclude this since the conscious mind alone ascends with an splinter of the I Am to return to another `self’ then ascending up from its pits of darkness!’
`Periodic felt uncalled for anxiety is the Lord’s way of trying to alert a conscious mind, so a quality phenomena if it just could be consciously understood!’
`The abdicating soul forces itself to do so completely with a defunct immune system so cannot digest the very fatty lipids it so depends. It last resort is to kill its body with overt AiR but fails that also when an alerted conscious mind learn how to swing allegiance and reenact Chi to save itself far wiser for the experience soon to be needed by the surviving masses!’
`The soul spooks its conscious mind in order to keep from so being spooked itself with an alert conscious mind, especially by learning how to use Chi to evict what evokes folly within!’
`To jumpstart a conscious mind’s awareness into visual reality to obviate the potent neurotic block is the best method for the loving guru to introduce one to their ugly soul!’
`The soul fears far more its alerted conscious mind that both can read offered subjective visual import as moderate behavior especially near the end of the evolutional trek for Nature so its return to infinite temporal existence as from where it came!’
`The initial modification of past disorder at the time of conception with fetal REM to reprogram as repair that next life with the least social problems for an alerted fresh conscious mind, is the art of Nature albeit the often failure of mankind!’
`One can only follow their Lord since comes from unity time as knows all ahead of time. Thusly also the soul can only follow the so alerted conscious mind as owns a more dynamic time yet!’
`Naltrexone may be therapeutic if it evokes pain as claimed so should indeed be administered while the conscious mind is asleep. Any abdicated soul needs treatment that it alone understands!’
`Because of the first phase of the soul’s evolution allows it the freedom to experiment for its education does not mean it will not need prudent guidance once it learns how to manipulate others for some greedy survival now dictating the paradigm shift as the promises apocalypse for its kept naive conscious mind!’
`Obviously a 2D oriented mind would be inquisitive about its future when stealth was always its sole means to survive. It then can be understood, even consciously what seethes within its rectilinear time derived left brain, especially at its late evolutional hour, especially with a growing curious conscious mind!’
`If one’s conscious mind got privy to what was censoring as transpiring in their left brain half only;y trauma would ensue. If it however got wind of what was in its right brain half prompt AiR and death would ensue!’
`All habitual behavior stems from the unconscious where a conscious mind cannot dominate that left brain half!’
`Between our personal Lord and personal devil is the midbrain conscious mind to moderate all thinking, when still possible!’
`Is there more psychic teleportations around Jewish women or have they learned to suppress overt folly to keep their men dumb since are intellectual and their conscious mind could awaken?’
`The myopic state of socially minded women can’t consider much else than to manipulate the able minded especially with their ancestors demanding attention these final days!’


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