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by on August 31, 2010

`Between two 2D relative spaces in 3D, the conscious mind remains naive of those independent unconscious faculty aspects of facing either all space with unity time or definitive space with a time rate in proportion to residual entropic temperature.’
`What as where is mind when we sleep as when we dream?’
`Because the Creator needed to develop a mind from raw protoplasm yet with complemental factors, stupidity prevails except for the on facing the spatial Apriori where unity time allows for its full awareness of even potentials down in created slow masstime environments. Only over evolutional time then does the so naive faculty grow enough mentally to realize its plight to then seek its death with an ugly will, what faces mankind now!’
`To become fully conscious one becomes fully aware of their other space and time derived unconscious, vying for attention.’
`The psychosis is merely trumped to keep the yet naive conscious mind from looking further into its own mind then as might find a means to end all future psychotic episodes!’
`The Lord trusts a conscious mind only when it gets thoroughly angered over its soul as awakens to its folly!’
`A soul will never allow some level playing field for its conscious mind as must win all to survive above hell from not only where it came but be pushed down their with the alerted conscious mind watching visual communiques from the spirit!’
`Men dislike fat women unless controlled by those fat women’s mtDNA following who bias as block a conscious mind from reality!’
`All sorts of `connections’ are made to `feed fodder’ by the unseen ancestor legions once called Morelocks, especially should they get decoupled by an unhappy awakened conscious mind. Thus many anomalous alternate tapping routes like nevus to acquire fat and ATP to support evil above deserved hell follows.’
`A kept dumb conscious mind is the easiest to lead into folly or slaughter if the prior fails. Thus defines late academia’s so valuable programming of fools for the discarnate legions today!’
`Difficulties with one’s left body side can show their id has pawned it off for other aids to keep suppressed their conscious mind until Chi is learned and used to halt folly.’
`To `rest in peace’ today means in silent hell in an infinitely extended temporal place, a factor that most human conscious minds will learn now likely too late!’
`The circuitous route of mankind has reached its epitome of folly where even religious cannot be trusted any more, unless of a primitive mind where insight yet can be trusted!’
`The creative mind needs to put their time into fathoming Nature fully because those inventive ideas for the ease in life are also the derivation of the profound in philosophical thought.’
`Until Nature gets through to man’s conscious mind he will so blunder mentally over facts seen, twisted to be half truths yet his soul knows the difference so does continue to evolute. Thus a final stage of evolution becomes the most traumatic for mankind.’
`As the bellcurve, one’s soul from absolute ignorance up to an astute intellectual its danger becomes greatest for its conscious mind near the end when that soul recognizes its destiny!’
`One must never be succinct initially as can step on opinionated toes to fully close what small mind they did have open. It defines intellect at work believing ritual is all there is!’
`Fixated attention is the need of one’s left brain of the conscious mind, an art most practiced by intellect thus the loss of insight and so conscience for progressive psychopathy.’
`Evolution demands just that, a growing wisdom for an ever developing self reliance with intellect its bases while harnessed by an alert RAS conscious mind to dissuade folly.’


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