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by on August 31, 2010

`The grand `Chick’ that laid many cosmic EMP eggs across It’s huge universal nursery nest for quasar offspring to make footstool planets on which animal life may thrive so evolute in mental ways, all in hopes of acquiring a few humble minds to try to look back and say thanks for the wonderful opportunity of life could be said to be extravagant, but what else was there to do beyond talking to Itself?’
`When fatty lipids halt epilepticus life is then worth living for the id as can keep censored its conscious mind!’
`All we human conscious minds now need to do is find what is trying to kill us even if yet lives within us!’
`Casinos are favored most by the unseen who can more easily manipulate the minds of the unwary for winning or losing, to then evoke the wanted attitude for another net win elsewhere!’
`The conscious mind needs to find its own anger not as promoted by their id which may be twisted to suit it instead!’
`Since DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) started the Internet it become obvious they had tapping in mind any as all imports on which it could profit so win the planet!’
`To seek to be amused is a warning sign since is to evade what one’s subconscious mind was placed in elevated temporal states in order to mentally evolute.’
`To watch what one’s mind has to offer their conscious mind is the key to learn how to evade that other verbal roaring!’
`The noisy schizoid merely defines the complaining id which is in panic over a potentially awakened conscious mind!’
`Hypnogogic visions are the harbinger of the profound to come, if a conscious mind can stand the anxiety offered by its id!’
`Only after subduing one’s censoring id to fully realize their greatest aid comes from its benign complemental, can a conscious mind relax and enjoy life provided they evade those in power!’
`Evolution demands just that, a growing wisdom for an ever developing self reliance with intellect its bases while harnessed by an alert RAS conscious mind to dissuade folly.’
`The bulwark of one’s time oriented reductive mind often keeps out curiosity, especially if academically programmed to believe they know whatever is necessary for life that factor today concluding what is even claimed civilized society!’
`About the only ones that do not know this dispensation time concludes a long evolutional epoch now are human conscious minds, being desperately programmed to follow orders up to their end!’
`The promise to recall is the standard joke of the soul when it feigns an associate to its conscious mind thus visions are the only means to remember anything of true value.’
`Many learned means to manipulate both matter as human mind has been accomplished but never divulged beyond accident or via deductive reasoning. This latter factor explains modern scientific stupidity best but as well the diabolical that the ancient Anasazi got some clear definition of!’
`The soul always hate its conscious mind and can’t help it!’
`Pendant, jewelry as effigy can be a quality as evil item, depending on which brain half dominates the subject as for whose conscious mind’s belief has been conditioned to follow!’
`Naive minds need more defense from being bothered by the more intellectual who need to manipulate others for survival. The syndrome starts in extended time where they prey upon the incarnated energized former which Nature tries most to help.’
`A short circuit blows a fuse like a soul that holds up its evolution by evading Nature with a closed circuitous mind.’
`The soul’s double bind it fully understands so knows it must subdue its conscious mind or face reality squarely as Nature’s want of its evolutional design!’


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