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by on August 31, 2010

`Between the agony of finding one’s soul to subdue same, life for a conscious mind is becoming almost not worth it, certainly without knowing a vast as profound aid stands by.’
`The soul does all feasible to evade its benign adviceoffering complemental, especially when some alerted conscious mind may begin to turn thereto to escape the folly of their soul. This import alone defines the imperative need of conscious attention as soon in life as possible!’
`The spirit aids in direct proportion to the conscious mind’s attention, so patience is needed when the soul kills for profit!’
`The developing mind of the soul defines its net predatory finesse which near its terminal phase becomes most overt as there is little reason it finds to behave otherwise to the net dismay of the kept naive conscious mind that lost it bid to moderate!’
`The benign Demiurge keeps the conscious mind almost as naive as its id to prevent too much agony while trying to moderate that hedonistic drive to promote the evolutional trek to begin with.’
`There is no terror to even examining anything on the elevated side of relative time for a conscious mind however it may evoke the maximum of their soul’s fear and its desperate attempt to so give that fear to such curious conscious mind!’
`The soul must cease its liaisons with its own kind since is only for the profit of manipulating a kept dumb conscious mind in order to feed itself to escape deserved retribution!’
`Gratitude stems from understanding something which gave life while comforting it while teaching you It has mind also!’
`The overall scope of reality must be pared down make comprehensible to the finite temporal mind, thus is mankind’s problem!’
`Reagan’s Alzheimer’s likely was to weaken his conscious mind, to prevent any recall of a past import that might imprison him!’
`What makes the drug scene now so bad is that the pharmaceuticals are churning out all sympathomimitics to block all parasympathomimitics on the streets which are the most therapeutic for whatever malady might prevail for the incarnate animal’s mind!’
`When a conscious mind is fooled to believe it is control that is the time to most question the thought as brings folly and its doom all the faster the longer the belief is held!’
`If the meditative mind has no gender bias then it must be an act of conscious will since any left cerebral as mtDNA bias would likely evade such overt curiosity at all cost!’
`An abdicated id’s will must be supervened by its conscious mind’s volitional will to continue the dynamic life, even if then alone, but to wrap up the evolutional trek for Nature’s design.’


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