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by on August 31, 2010

`Only the more evoluted western intellectual mind could fall for Satan’s promise of winning the planet to bring the Morelock’s want most to raise human cattle for feeding purposes!’
`Idiocy has its genesis in astute intellect of the evolved soul hiding within the subject’s conscious mind’s left brain!’
`While religious faith is often denied any curious conscious mind’s perusal of facts for offered twisted dogma of some church, it is the soul or Freudian id is most responsible for this folly as cannot censor with impunity should an alerted conscious mind turn to Chi, offered by the spirit, to end with gusto by evicting such subjective driven evil.’
`Only the simple minded psychology researcher could find the profound now where overt academic programming only allows masters and slaves as no idea of the syndrome to some finite bloody end!’ `Few own their own minds today so remain incapable of learning that fact as anything else about reality!’
`One is kept busy in trivia in conscious life, but to stop any quality introspection of what goads that processing to begin with as will never allow itself discovery by that conscious mind.’
`God is likely the `Father’ as son our Lord as a nontemporal higher self. This would make the soul that unholy ghost it yet insists is holy until the moderative conscious mind awakens!’
`To bury one’s thoughtful mind defines how well their thinking truly is, before their social norms need to bury them whole!’
`Since the two unconscious drives the yet naive conscious mind it can be noted that the left brain gets programmed to so program that conscious mind into obedient stupidity for ensuing predatory folly without any right brain offered conscience.’
`The `New World Order’ will come when man’s two brain halves reach their final impasse as the human conscious mind asks those last adroit questions about his own unconscious. While the bloodshed will begin with the left brain, the result will be a return of its benign complemental much as the religious dogma promised!’
`Obviously the last import for man to learn will be his innate Thanatos whose planning AiR to limit life, if not suicide, is to evade that said import since a conscious mind could stop it by so killing its options first using insight offering reality!’
`A dyslexic youngster can be a genius if able to rid himself of that struggling left brain, to switch to visual imports until their conscious mind can then learn in peace the verbal needs.’
`To escape folly the conscious mind must remain free of goaded fightflight thoughts, be they current problems or worse historical. The need for persistent curiosity into the new as how Nature operates until tired, then sleep for dreams to get additional imports to that fundamental reality. This is turning one’s cheek as defines using the other cerebral hemisphere!’
`Human incarnate evolution increases exponentially so also its unseen legion numbers for conflict due to divergent ethnic groups whose worldly competition evokes then ethnic cleansing with a revenge most incomprehensible to the kept dumb conscious mind.’


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