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by on August 31, 2010

`DT’s are for the conscious mind to examine when its id’s censoring has abdicated!’
`The need to comprehend the mind entoto before embarking on any R&D project for the 5th Generation computer forced a long investigation in several academic fields which only disturbed those who watched as government and religious organizations with the most to lose. This reinstated the Inquisition with a vengeance!’
`To memorize in order to repeat with fidelity but not think is that final regimentation unnoticed by all, especially authority who has little idea of what governs their mind with in power!’
`The best way to kill a depressive who got that way by thinking is to drag him back into the simple minded social milieu and claim he is then some kind of a “norm”!’
`Buying time is to subvert good ideas where more profit is to be made with a kept dumb conscious mind!’
`The petite visual fugue as terse DT appearing in an instant when the censoring id lapses control is that quality sign for a conscious mind to pay most attention!’
`The only thing that NIF at Livermore will ignite is the minds of the U.S. tax payer once understanding his government!’
`Psychic evolution would likely be fine without some masstime planet for the caged soul, but seldom with the predatory instinct can such animated mind be trusted where profits can be seen!’
`Leaders want a `free country’ yet never an anarchy while they remain in power, but change their minds if their pension is found later too small, a factor found most in a democracy.’
`While past idiot savants were made by an abdicating id, most future ones will need a boot from a fully aware conscious mind to evict it completely or suppress any further mental processing!’
`Once authority truly recognizes it is mind over muscle, great bloodshed will begin most in the form of suicides of those who followed the devil’s henchmen in whatever form not yet seen!’
`At first the Self thinking computer inventor worried that any authority might use the device to profit himself at the expense of the public but quickly realized that the mind behind same was benign in all intent so would remain mum until the proper time to offer potentials to profit all of humanity as least authority!’
`Anticipation lost with a ventromedial prefrontal cortex disconnection shows that insight is no longer used thus a conscious mind no longer operates to judge better behaviors with chances.’
`The greatest stupidity today stems from the programmed conscious mind, unable to discern what within will kill if not offered tribute from then on!’
`The tormented conscious mind by its abdicating soul to protect the body or worse invite its own kind in to evoke AiR to so fully escape another evolutional life, only Chi remains the last resort for any relief, noted by desperate yawning when used!’
`When the intellectual realizes they must win all or lose all, not even the planet is safe from their grasping, to say nothing of what goads their mind via hungry ancestors.’
`Those that research the mind as psychoanalysts need first to learn to avoid any subjective help, especially if intellectual.’
`Religion once was the conscious mind’s bridge over the censoring soul to its nontemporal benign complemental, a factor not even the modern church understands much can promote any more, so it then becomes no anomaly to see children using mindopening street drugs which terrorize authority as will indeed wake up!’


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