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by on August 31, 2010

`The NDE shows we the conscious mind reality in a nut shell from the I Am Creator to our Lord who offered the tour, all the way down to their soul seething in the dark of extended time!’
`When one’s amusement is assembling reality in the mind, they invite the prolife also to sustain their quality life!’
`Reasoning is a process which requires dynamic time unless it is only perverted so needs to be put on ice while yet reasoning with any net quality something the evoluting soul does know intimately but will never divulge same to its conscious mind!’
`When a soul ceases to mentally evolute in a quality way it so slides into extended time which in time learns to make of itself a true hazard to human conscious minds it kept stupid!’
`The soul learns rapidly while in proportion it censors its conscious mind and instigates academic programming of same to be an automaton to its whims seldom benign but always predatory!’
`When a conscious mind finally realizes that dominant authority is not worth the pervertive subjugation than its claimed worth it leads to strife and civil war, the best means to stop it where for a change authority begins to learn some lessons even death becomes an escape for the educated oppressed who learn the most!’
`Wisdom awakens slowly, not because of an IQ neurosis as much as caution on Nature’s behalf as the diabolical id awakens faster to ways and means of keeping a conscious mind dumb than that faculty can awaken with such a short lifetime with its body.’
`Only the primitive minded now perceive the human dilemma but cannot say anything yet best as best will survive its demise as evolved intellect knows death is better than continued life!’
`The innate fear to learn what is new defines developed intellect where a curious conscious mind stands by and might turn the tables on that IQ using left brain and demand to know too much!’
`However violent the temporal mind it yet requires the time to act, which can be seen and compensated for by the nontemporal as often allows ugly behaviors to teach those unable to learn in any other efficient way!’
`The is only one psychotherapist, but is the conscious mind of anyone seeking the facts of one unconscious life from where all folly stems, but from another nontemporal unconscious faculty always ready to aid!
`The difficulty the creative minded will always have is the subterfuge of one of their unconscious twisting the visual reality seen clearly, thus never gets defined clearly to others!’
`To be relegated to abstract darkness is to be devoid of any light which is pure E or energy at whatever frequency. Such mind lacking energy sinks to zero Kelvin thus infinite time for it.’
`Where there is a will there usually is a way even if only some will remains to manipulate another mind, connected to some physical body to do the wanted chores to feed you. Something the Anasazi learned of this enigma yet modern man stares blankly!’
`Still, death remains an `all win’ syndrome for the soul where the conscious mind of man fails to realize its place in the triune mental matrix standing helplessly by to take charge and use offered insight to so outwit that folly prone soul!’
`Since Chi occupies the whole universe, one must assume it may be therapeutic if indeed any mind started all condensed masstime for footstools for some evolutional process!’
`Man’s feeble programmed mind will allow him to walk into his now needed mass demise but to feed his ancestors who condemned him to that stupidity of avoided insight and dream monitoring.’
`While numbers infer reality as relative timerates, it offer little comparative reality for the introspective mind who seeks to comprehend the universe with both brains, not just the left.’
`The right brain likely evokes the Freudian slip but does that nontemporal faculty also speak for the child as neurotic before their conscious mind awakens to reality?’
`We conscious minds, onethird of our mental matrix, finds the friendship in others but often now to the dislike of another onethird part of that mental troika as brings ethnic cleansing to its greatest destructive epoch as has been building since evolution began so many centuries ago.’


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