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by on August 31, 2010

`Academic halls are only wailing walls to guarantee programmed minds for the yet unseen who need more fodder than politicians!’
`To believe is the most dangerous conscious mind’s mental business especially when empirical data refutes a belief, whether it be in religion or academia whatever authority says!’
`The only true danger to late mankind is his unseen ancestors, and they can read our minds clearly. So why all of the secrecy unless authority is in some kind of collusion therewith?’
`Insanity is merely due to the conscious mind’s ignorance!’
`Alzheimer’s is AiR, but a more benign form to just block any new import from being understood consciously, if that mind used to think so could become dangerous!’
`The id responds to rewards, positive for food or negative to evade some problem. Thus neurotic blocking is the latter function where a curious conscious mind wants to understand things like a manipulative process to evade conscience!’
`Because death is death, the mode of such exit makes the net difference to any conscious mind which gets terminated yet must suffer such episode when kept naive of such fact!’
`The aware as labeled `deviant’ don’t mind facing death realize by that time no other escape is viable much less esthetic!’
`When mind is complemental, its differentiated state requires separation as soon as the evoluting past dumb one graduates since thereafter it is its profit motive that agonizes mankind, most in some charismatic stance to con the left dumb on earth!’
`It is the terseness of dreams that at first fools the conscious mind, but most due to its twisted meanings as offered by their censoring id so best to allow the next day to bring sudden contingent imports to the fore for reconsideration.’
`Best now tolerate your reptilian subconscious mind until well able to go it alone since an idiot savant needs verbal expression which is difficult to acquire, yet better than sitting out life in some stagnating asylum!’
`One may try to consciously depress their id, at least up to where it prefers to fight to its bitter end so raises hell with that conscious mind, until finally both lose that body with AiR!’
`The political minded who have always survived on promises may find it difficult foraging on their own since lacking insight can little perceive the next berry patch, much less direction which the aboriginals yet show clearly their survival means!’
`Separate bits and pieces of reality pose less dangerous when intellectuals peruse them since cannot assemble same without the whole `roadmap’ when lacking usable insight, thus public `conversations’ between genius need to be in images and grunts as all past primitive minded, now called stupid!’
`More disturbing than to an awakening conscious mind about the unconscious occurs to that unconscious seeing facts!’
`It is not that authority now is so dangerous but those who so govern their mind and must win this planet or succumb to hell!’
`There comes an evolutional epoch where the human animal’s conscious mind must awaken as take over by force its irascible soul, a heady operation indeed now under way.’ `Since Penfield’s complemental `callup’ of both verbal and visual correlative import shows the dynamic D to A Fourier transform conversion, stimulated by a single neuron in the S.T. memory cerebral cortex yet not the complete engram as perceived by the naive conscious RAS mind, something the autisticly evoked idiot savant must learn on its own.’
`Funny becomes the final struggles of the soul when every stop gets pulled to dissuade an alerted conscious mind of its problem, to continue on its course to full comprehension!
`The rock and hard spot is where the soul knows it must have a few incarnate ancestors to feed it to escape its limbo’s infinite time, yet must destroy all incarnates before their conscious mind puts all souls into hell with Chi for good!’
`Besides killer T cells there is apoptosis, a benign faculty that an aware conscious mind can activate, especially during AiR to rid its body of some disease, using focused dynamic Chi!’
`Not oddly now, most human conscious minds would be happy to be dead if they fully understood how they `blew it’ for Nature’s evolutional design in slow masstime!’
`Any search for truth is never predatory since Nature offers freely any import worthy of knowing, even if visual so equated as evil by what governs late mankind’s kept dumb conscious mind!’


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