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by on August 31, 2010

`Can there be anything but genocide on the minds of authority if 40% of domestic violence now is done by intruders with guns as want to survive also?’
`All occurrences in masstime if any mind is present, gets recorded in both acoustic as visual for posterity and can be recalled in absolute fidelity even now played back electronically as in a court to show exactly what had transpired!’
`The horrors brought to get attention of the psychopathic is far less than the ongoing plans of those latter who have no idea of what governs their shriveled minds today!’
`Fasting allows a kept dumb conscious mind to perceive their past salt intake was by freshened taste for the chlorine to do vaso restrictive AiR operants that AMA would never perceive!’
`A soul that evokes a psychosis to scare off it potentially curious conscious mind shows desperation as can alert same more to even turn into an idiot savant through full eviction if not remedied by APA with a slow killing neuroleptic!’
`A `lower class’ is always needed by the least able minded but have found through their academic system to sustain their elite status with numbers and fancy duds as unsaid laws for impunity measures to be used upon the few who do think!’
`The need to learn anger by the conscious mind to so use testosterone when insight offers solution to remedies then aids most in helping others to see their predatory ways early in life!’
`Mental evolution requires change, as in the dynamic states above zero Kelvin as on planet earth, thence stored in mtDNA for some other time for modifications its owner never wants for posterity that it understands and sadly its conscious mind doesn’t!’
`A conscious mind can learn only so much before it finds fatty lipids are toxic, yet last as why where AiR is not understood!’
`From threats of incarceration and persistent surveillance, the need to rob clandestinely the able minded must be a very secret operation since the pilfering seldom understand those who think, so fear and vast resources are needed to just plagiarize!’
`All animal’s unconscious goads their prowess for survival, the human one likely the most without much care about consequences as has learned it always gets another chance at folly, even to seek such cycle to evade an alerted moderative conscious mind.’
`Myopic military minds goaded by fightflight will self eradicate when they find the planet cannot be won, whatever might they own, to then turn upon portions of their own society with ethnic cleansing in mind to at least win whatever they find left.’
`The most `shrunken minded’ are left brain dominants now whose conscious mind can’t know as learn why they remain so dumb. They have self given power to conclude all vibrant societies today.’
`A primer text is needed to define Chi as its therapeutic aid for the now stampeded human conscious mind conditioned to believe the wrong aids which profits only the pathological.’
`While some censoring may be beneficial to protect a yet naive conscious mind, it becomes the overt blocking of reality in proportion to IQ that begs the larger question of why if indeed mental evolution is Nature’s objective!’


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