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by on August 31, 2010

`With all of the IQ of late Jewish men is should be a mystery as to why they cannot realize their dilemma, yet that is the net reason where intellect censors a conscious mind the most, especially when the mtDNA rules all subjective thinking!’
`The real question facing mankind is what is right or wrong especially in view of what directs his mind for nothing right!’
`Depending on which portion of their soul’s evolutional curve it dictates its cycle of curiosity until learning enough to evade something with a moderative conscious mind always peering into a life’s vicissitudes as well!’
`To find disdain in the programmed mind defines another mind of dynamic expose’ alerting those disdainful who seek reality!’
`The effort to protect the self reliant’s option is now turning them against silly governmental folly by understanding their need for fodder and the able minded in a fully controlled Orwellian situation thus a civil war can be the only solution!’
`While maybe not a full therapeutic, booze at least buys time for a conscious mind to find a better remedy for its bothersome!’
`Of two sources of `esoteric’ information as the lateral brain halves, we conscious minds must learn to discern their relative quality as between their spatial versus temporal origins.’
`Maybe a quality thing, but late mankind needs not worry about the trauma coming for not evolution mentally since his soul now fully controls all thought to offer a peaceful death for its once moderative mind that late man claims stupidly is it!’
`The best `encrypted’ message evades detection at unity time where a mind at worldly slow time cannot perceive anything when it must take time out to switch on the EEG or no recording device has yet been devised to surreptitiously snoop upon God.’
`Unseen henchmen raise hell with the human conscious mind most when it begins to think about reality!’
`Glutamate is the id’s first line of defense after 5HT to so block insightive nuance that might reach its conscious mind. The desperate need for a programmed dumb human now cannot be over stated as the imperative need of discarnate dominance over man!’
`One won’t get the attention of a wretched mind anymore since it has become illegal!’
`Nature wants the mind of the body, not the evasion of that so developed mind avoiding Nature with a vengeance to buy time!’
`More now sacrifice themselves for promises than ever before, especially the political minded who have no idea of what goads their programmed dumb conscious mind!’
`The reptilian mind in man, went from overt predatoriness to some moderation with early shamanistic religion, but then back to overt with intellectual predatoriness now to earn a mass eradication which it will do all for itself!’
`Genius is that faculty where a conscious mind moderates the two opposite forms of unconscious activity and aware of the net enigma of how to use each independently with prudence. Thus maybe the genius before hand is that conscious mind, who must struggle first to comprehend its two other minds!’
`To use vigorous physical exercise to free the mind is stupid, unless they learn then to stop eating what aids their glutamate’s use when munching on whatever with grain as needed extra acidic acid found with the exercise.’
`Jogging may work off fat but not what bothers the mind since one needs to keep their eyes open, where answers remain to be seen with them closed!’


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