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by on August 31, 2010

`Will mankind’s dumb conscious mind need to remain, even after the dispensation since to realize life in full makes it yet difficult to bear?’
`Since it was obvious that the human mind was biased with the earth’s 7.5Hz Schumann frequency as epileptic seizure, there may be no greater anomaly of other planet’s bias as on 90 minute cycles now known between REM dream and claimed rational reasoning.’
`Branching curiosity evolutes the mind just as programming can terminate mental evolution, that current phase done by academia!’
`Rapid verbalization points to an honest report because little time is given for censoring or twisting subjective reality by the left time oriented mind. It is better noted on the EEG where the positive half cycle ramp defines such time using mental faculty.’
`Because most available energy unseen is being sapped now from the kept dumb human animal, it so gets used to sustain that dominance, it permits the worst of all devils quick access to humanity to block the thoughts of the able minded, whatever the cost!’
`When the soul plays for keeps the conscious mind becomes the loser since remains alone by remaining censored from insight.’
`The bifurcation line of relative time as temperature likely lies near the human body’s temperature where energy is close but not to its greater user, to allow the human conscious mind to intercede if it indeed begins to use the higher energy insights!’
`The slow habitative realm of the subconscious needs now to be kept from perceiving too much as would attempt to thwart anything good for the conscious mind to buy time for folly as avoid final evolutional attempts by the superconscious.’ `Urinary continence even when urination is needed defines a neurotic mind incapable of letting go!’
`Any court Judge, at least in the U.S., will rule with the net impunity of their left cerebral dominance to the utter dismay of the rational minded who may yet own some conscience.’
`Sickness that hampers a conscious mind’s curious activity is the first sign of the truly ugly which will be the last thing of all for a conscious mind to realize as shouldn’t expect to live!’
`AIDs is the perfect disease for the id as can take its time to `pull the trigger’ while spreading the disease flagrantly, yet keeping its conscious mind out of life’s real business until that body dies, with close associates soon, to aid the net objective!’
`It is the same faculty that gets our body out of shape with fatty lipids but to keep their mind more out of shape!’
`The willo’thewisp now has become the soul’s goading of the conscious mind whereas it once goaded questions as over swamps.’
`Its the unconscious liaison between a higher and lower energy state that defines best what basis man’s two brains operate. What then needs to be understood so that the conscious mind could so moderate to make its life rational!’
`Mankind’s conscious mind only operates secondhandedly and is because he cannot no longer address his right brain half!’
`There should be nothing amazing about the conscious mind of a survivor with another’s body part, sensing what was codified on its mtDNA record as a males attitude in that female’s body. It is that enigma well seen in zygotic twins when finally united!’
`The human conscious mind must seek to become an interface between its two brain halves just long enough to place all faith in the right to subdue the left, whatever the cost before death!’
`Even hard facts make no dent on the neurotic intellectual’s head because only profit interests are in its mind!’
`There is an intellectual vested reason why the L.T. memory user wants to appear naive to its kept dumb conscious mind since moderation is its business and gets upset when found manipulated to do so in return often most appropriate by then!’
`Our left brain half is a wooden windmill while our right must be the energy source to turn the prior. The human mind stand inbetween to watch the interexchange as stupidly falls for the innuendo that all is fine uttered by the prior one as intellect!’


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