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by on August 31, 2010

`The spirit can sneak up on the soul from nontime while the spirit needs time to warn a conscious mind of potentials and the folly planned by his soul in its extended temporal existence.’
`One can only hope their soul is worth something to its complemental spirit as is seldom worth a shit to any conscious mind!’
`The complacent likely deserve the least amenities in life, be they wealthy or lazy. Default may play a part when sufficient IQ with anger alerts a conscious mind to finally sit down!’
`Human minds now filled with trivia prepare that late specie to immolate with intellectual finesse!’
`To see subjective red defines overt anger, often evoked by an aware conscious mind of some subjective folly under way!’
`While maybe called something `physical’, God’s self of a vast magnetic monopole clapped into existence electromagnetic standing wave `billiardball’ matter to generate time, not only to evolve alternate minds, but a place to store those that do manage to so evolve to a quality degree. Those that do not, do so because they learned too soon that storage place without any dynamic time!’
`The abandonment of human evolution will come as the conscious mind awakens to what evolutes as its needed objective!’
`Even for the socially minded, the less they need to deal with the human race now, the happier they are!’
`There is little wrong with subjective awareness as long as a conscious mind is aware of what as where to find it!’
`To realize the remark “over my dead body” includes their own conscious mind, AiR can be understood with whatever malady may be at hand to progress in danger as conscious curiosity grows!’
`Lateral muscle tension shows cerebral control and that which relative mind dominates at the moment especially in anger!’
`The apparent passive minded hides a seething soul in dominance, labeling the energetic minded it so fears as mad instead.’
`The late elevated rates of intellectual comprehension due to evolution evokes the ever greater pressure of the human animal’s conscious mind to learn the new, despite buying time for a social thing to evade Nature’s completed final evolutional goal.’
`A onetrack mind is a lateral brain in full control so seldom is it the right brain which would want to share with its other!’
`Those who cannot laugh have death on their mind, at least the more finite one occupying time and the left brain half!’


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