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by on August 31, 2010

`Those who realize they must survive upon the more able minded realize to so do requires the need to get power and no more!’
`We are all relatives, going back to a naked mRNA, that struggles now with its kin using a more developed subconscious mind!’
`People in motion, however claimed purposeful or nomadic, keep their minds fixed in definitive space, for no quality thinking.’
`To blow out the screaming schizophrenic id with LSD to allow a full conscious perspective of its subjective alternates, might bring volitional autism, yet might not be worse if caught early enough to allow that alerted conscious mind to take over fully to expose real genius which could never have come before!’
`To fly with female pilots in bad as winter weather is taking a chance since a woman’s reductive mind takes time to react to an emergency something often unsuspected until too late!’
`The greatest loss to humanity now of rational reasoning stems from evoluted intellect, where astute censoring keeps man’s conscious mind stupid of its stupidity!’
`J. Locke’s `cart blank’ mind failed in two ways, both revealed by the human split brain data which now evokes terror in all believers of Locke, most intellectually influential yet.’
`Intellectual extroversion requires neuroticism to manipulate others as their own conscious mind so defines Psychology’s own neurotic rejection of the obvious in human splitbrain data.’
`Nausea is a good sign for the intellectual to alert its conscious mind of problems ahead.’
`To suffer some AiR malady is not all bad since alerts a kept dumb conscious mind as offers misery to its instigator!’
`The Attention Deficit Disorder syndromes merely show what is dominating the subject whose ancient historical evolution has finally gotten out of a conscious RAS mind’s hand!’
`If the human conscious mind knew it only `went around once’, it might get its act together to force its predatory id to end a folly ridden life which only brings pain to both. The need is to push out that source of folly for its own greater pain in extended time of which it is most terrorized over so could heed!’
`The gods in established authority yet do not know of the gods that push their minds, to create the greatest evil on earth now!’
`At least the nonreplying Self thinking interface may evoke the most fervor for many conscious minds to grab its censoring id and demand some answers it never got before!’
`Some women can be accessed through their pants in order to so get to their mind, while others its reversed with petty political talk needs as feeding them to get into their pants.’
`One cannot run a double much less single blind study on any innate pathology on own self since their id knows it is coming so can tweak the data accordingly to keep its conscious mind dumb!’
`The accrued evidence of quality health can be sufficient to define for a conscious mind its volitional modified behavior did do something of value in life instead of follow along with whim!’
`Suicide is never difficult for the soul because is its escape from imminent retribution as its conscious mind awakens!’
`One’s own id hates `loose cannons’ most when they are their own conscious mind seeking some target for their woes!’
`The goal for Nature was mental evolution yet that promoted an evil outcome where covert manipulation reached that epoch needed to end freerunning evolution and the need for overt insight use to make fully aware a conscious mind able to enforce moderation.’
`Foraging is the primary quest for survival as also that means to learn while foraging for the primitive minded. Over time, they learn to learn for that sake alone, to follow Nature’s lead for a maximum evolutional profit in the end which harms no one else.’
`Stupidity is no thing of the past, at least for a human conscious mind, where its own ancients knew far more than today!’
`The least understood by the conscious mind is the most dangerous to it, so why suicide can follow learning something new!’
`It appears that the id knows a couple days before one’s conscious mind is going to be privy to something profound in a psychological way where a depression sets in until that education!’
`At least the able minded farmer can forage when denied his own produce to survive, so repopulate the planet when the Holocaust gets completed!’
`Bipolar affective disease in psychology is bilateral disease of the brain where a kept naive conscious mind failed to grasp its duty in life.’
`An AiR phenomena need not be volitional where an abdicating id or sympathetic CNS responsibility to fight incoming disease is left to a naive conscious mind who fights to its death without understanding Chi or how to wield it, as frequently diet to eat!’
`Do the early onset drinkers reflect a conscious mind’s use of alcohol to suppress its overt irrational id, yet late onset booze users try to evade bothersome ancestors using their mtDNA key?’
`Using the male Jew’s mind sans gem polishing techniques might bring a greater shine from their too well censored conscious mind as dominated by their mother’s mtDNA!’
`We all have priorities, as dictated by their mtDNA, unless some autistic with an alert conscious mind!’
`Hunger drives all animals to perform acts that become violent just before starvation a factor the human mind won’t comprehend until it fathoms its own mtDNA goading as who behind that!’
`To need one’s soul’s mtDNA `brain’ yet not its mind forces its complemental to put that soul on ice to silence its roaring and ugly folly from belching forth any more!’
`All quality mental processing is done in silence, often with the eyes closed to shut out distractions, never under stress nor seeking upmanship where we excel in promises and flamboyancy. The function defines a silenced predatory id which only has a mind on acquisition in the physical at whatever or whomever’s expense!’


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