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by on August 31, 2010

`How sad that Nature had to create an antiself to hold the historical facts of reality, even if it willed to twist same for petty profit margins to sustain a potentially moderative conscious mind stupid thus that need for such conscious mind!’
`Retirement to think should come early, maybe Sundays, but not to listen to more promises in theological jargon. Man has progressed beyond his ancients, especially to use twisted beliefs of another with a deranged mind!’
`Revenge in those latter days one best not act now speak their minds outloud as could be caught up in that mass melee!’
`We mutilate our own self with conscious ignorance, especially of what goads our kept stupid conscious minds. In blood and tears thus we find the time to finally think to find God after all!’
`The obvious comes with vast difficulty but that defines the vast late neurosis evoked by an evoluted mind, yet unrecognized!’
`Since the primordial cosmic bubble formations, time has been that commodity the Creator evoked for which mental evolution was the objective even if the DNA was another modus de operandi to goad its housed mind to evolute for a far more grand ideal.’
`To get programmed early enough in life might escape autism if the conscious mind is all but `excised’ from such individual!’
`The poorest prognosis for any quality life comes with a conscious mind that got alerted so thinks without programs. The basic reason why it learned how to think was due to an evolved id which was likely on its last and most frustrated incarnated trek!’
`There can be little worse for an incarnate life than to consciously realize they own a seething id as Freud noted, an old soul well prepared to do folly but needed an alert conscious mind to catch up and prevent its suicide to become a marauding fool to break or destroy anything it touches or gets near!’
`The hectic life is a good one, if the conscious mind does not tire easily yet it’s soul does!’
`Human folly begins long after its allowed animalistic predatory life has ended, yet that behavior never ends thus the need of an alerted conscious mind when near evolutional graduation!’
`The `middle phase’ of a soul’s mental evolution is likely the most enjoyable to the conscious mind since both learn together so a quality liaison occurs with the least AiR!’
`When minds get made up, fight flight takes over for the most insecure to then make promises and laws, to ensure they may survive on top of any social heap or else!’
`The `automatic response’ might hide a hideous problem when a conscious mind thinks all is under control yet its id with a possible deathwish syndrome may be at the helm!’
`The intellectual has no true mind of its conscious own!’
`The reading of minds is a taboo topic in intellectual circles but because it prevails there with snooping ancestors doing that reading especially when gambling profits can be manipulated!’
`One today only thinks that they think! The cunning id in proportion to evoluted IQ so does it but infers its conscious mind is in charge to make the situation downright diabolical!’
`The soul detests its conscious mind calling it a fool when its evoluted IQ has gone far beyond it to believe it can stay out of hell the longest, with or without that conscious mind!’
`Serial functioning burdens the spirit so a trusted soul needs to be employed therein which is difficult indeed to acquire, so needs an ugly moderative conscious mind to hold reins a while!’
`The ugly soul kills its body without compunction when some aware conscious mind begins to understand yet more belligerent gets that soul when that conscious mind begins to write down what it finds about reality, using the legions to aid and abet folly!’
`Different activities as learned responses can evoke troublesome autonomic behaviors, especially when an alert conscious mind is paying full attention to all such contingencies!’
`One must consciously `hogtie’ their id or it will kill with a vengeance any mind that seeks to thwarts its glee of folly!’
`To be a rational winner mind alone does the winning, but with insight, never verbal dialogue!’
`The political minded seen profit in people so program their ignorance while feeding them promises!’
`The soul wrecks a life once it perceives its conscious mind perceives reality too clearly. AiR is enough, but to evade that with Chi can invite torment by that soul’s henchmen legions!’
`The greatest profit margin lies hidden in the minds of discarnate ancestors who must buy time with energy, or sink into time’s infinity, to never be heard from again by their own kind!’
`One now can expect the worst from established authority where their established unseen ancestors dictate to a kept naive conscious mind which could extricate all from such psychopathy!’
`Fortunately man’s left brain is driven to win or die, which ever comes first as an awakened conscious mind often defines!’
`The question always remains obscure when a social reformer have some down trodden in mind but never reveal their own unconscious drive as even consciously know why they seek to modify any social standard prevailing.’
`It is now up to the pending awakened conscious mind of man to bring that promises apocalypse as will define the seething unconscious to the fore thus the worst of those legion’s action in their final attempt to dominate or die in extended time!’


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