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by on August 31, 2010

`Federal dominance must continue surreptitiously because it is the only system dependent on tax income as guidance from the most predatory unseen group of minds even in human history!’ `To be an able minded right brain user thus consciously think, one soon finds the wisdom to sit down and play dumb, unless noted so be conscripted under some law to play some slave until dead.’
`The `crotchety’ may know more than the mundane, who follow in obedience any edict that comes along to profit the evil minded. It is that late syndrome of intellectual prowess where any claim of `quality’, especially in some church, needs deeper scrutiny!’
`Nature steps in to aid with prolife, modifying body or mind where needed as a in different climate, unless pain is the better route to teaching a difficult lesson like brotherly love today!’
`An awakened conscious mind cannot help but become a turncoat once finding spirit is benign while its complemental soul only of a predatory nature seeking to win whatever!’
`The reflexive nerve system has builtin hazards when a conscious mind fails to perceive how its AiR prone id can act in some unnoticed way and then at some final propitious moment!’
`A seething id is a quality sign despite the conscious mind’s struggle since it shows that the id knew beforehand that such struggle was going to be worth while and would lose in the end.’
`The increasing burdens upon the able minded defines a culture’s decay, so need for a revolution to become vibrant again.’
`The Lord likely does get entertained, even if at the expense of a kept dumb conscious mind that failed to find its diabolical id playing ugly jokes like AiR, gyrating to avoid detection!’
`Mind reading is the art of the psychoanalyst even if done without hearing a word but by just watching another language!’
`Most governments end society as they rip off their public as the able minded until needing Orwell or war to hide reality.’
`Help seldom if ever comes from one’s id after it has learned how to evade conscious attention, especially its censoring to so keep that mental mind dead to insight, up to being really dead!’


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