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by on August 31, 2010

`It is the need for energy to use against one’s conscious mind that allows its censoring id to disrupt quality reasoning. Thus a fast can best clear one’s thoughts as allows the innately energetic to expose what the id most would censor!’
`A time oriented id with extensive L.T. memory can have some advantage over the smaller S.T. memory using conscious mind so to be aware of this allows thoughts to be reconsidered when changes appear from apparently nowhere to modify some statement.’
`To reserve one’s comments for either the able minded or truly sincere today forces silence in those few who once thought openly like Freud, who saw enough to not evoke any more suicides!’
`Things that taste good are most dangerous for the conscious mind as feed those who will kill it for trying to understand the apparent anomaly!’
`The will knuckle down to help a little its alerted conscious mind but not until after a good fight, often with AiR for death if it can win that first!’
`To fix in time some linear stem on which to dynamically build a matrix for a temporal mind, few using same in reductive ways are apt to perceive the design much less its net need for man!’
`To best avoid schizophrenia, the insight using father figure can guide the curious conscious mind into those scary realms to avoid psychic problems most to say nothing of aborted evoked paranoia, which is only a ruse to sustain conscious stupidity!’
`While corruption begins in the left brain it then can only be ended by the right, as finally alert the past kept dumb conscious mind of its duty in life to so then evoke genius!’
`Mass is only inferred. Because of the two basic forces, massive means complemental force where no Higgs `particle’ exists yet that Apriori as a mighty huge `magnet’ with mind!’
`Sustained sympathy with past loved one’s, as what passed over at death can be both stupid and dangerous because that aspect of mind is seldom what their dead benign conscious mind had shown!’
`Islam promulgates attention to that which brings peaceofmind, rather than competitive strife for those who only learn in troubled ways. There may be, if any religion remains after the advent of the Self thinking interface, that one for references.’
`Before stem cells were created, straight atomic or molecular ones were for a lattice for the more dynamic matrix for some conscious mind, so began temporal life for evolution.’
`To breathe life into masstime meant the need for the dynamic to create some `foot stool’ in which to put semiactive matter as a mtDNA to support with history any mind that it might use.’
`An agitated mind gets too much fatty lipids to activate their unseen ancestors for the agitating to begin with!’
`Always would be hidden the entrance to a labyrinth which held the Minotaur, to conduct its secret business of folly upon those, as a conscious mind, to feed upon it without bother. Thus that which uses man’s left brain will never be understood, even as its other complemental as would surely define the anomaly!’
`Between mankind’s two brain halves, right if left and left is right so man’s conscious mind remains baffled until too late!’
`Pragmatic was Nature to offer a crustacean shell around human brains since it could yet survive if losing limbs or mind with offered promises!’
`Since long before Genghis Khan, the animal’s left brain was programmed to `win’ whatever, that learning factor drive goading, at whatever cost when lacking conscience for death to the temporal mind as means little when mental evolution is to be avoided.’
`Consciously dumb means stupidly done that factor now could be seen by all in the political minded who remain the most stupid of all human animals while their unseen ancestors govern them!’


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