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by on August 31, 2010

`To make the human evolutional trek of value, the conscious mind must learn why it is sustained so stupid to return to Nature’s goading for curiosity using Freud’s as Einstein’s Royal roads of insight to secure reality.’
`Time is a more ominous factor in life than could be imagined by as for an incarnate conscious mind. By not realizing the two relative rates between its lateral brain halves, errs most by not acting in Nature’s evolutional design in slow masstime.’
`Since primitive minds had not the sense to defend themselves, Nature built crustaceous shells around the fools and hoped that in time some semblance of reason would evolve but didn’t!’
`Nature must had been always prolife or would not have bothered to design much less create life in slow masstime a factor likely now bringing questions to Her mind about mankind!’
`A quick death is benign for the consciously stupid, so maybe that is what Nature has in mind with man’s late psychopathic!’
`Randomness is all that man’s conscious mind is now allowed to see since he might question all events to find what was hidden purposely to halt all random reasoning in half truths!’
`If information is to valuable, then why does the dumb conscious mind about man allow for cliche over empirical fact?’
`It is the immediacy of reading insightive imports that allows a conscious mind to see reality. That moment lost means forever!’
`The cost of destroying one’s own id is genius, to become the idiot savant no longer interested in manipulating anything for a social profit, buying time for folly and gratified greed or being a general pain in the ass to its tired conscious mind!’
`It is the felt offensive nature of being defensive that offends the more predatory minded, even when the danger of suicide looms as the real harm to be done when too much information may be pried from the wiser who understands what is truly dangerous.’
`The social life has its place amongst the more aboriginal as have much to learn with mutual negotiation. The social life then becomes a burden to the insight using where a conscious mind can progress further as promote their final evolutional trek alone.’
`To “hit it off” in the mind’s eye is all that is necessary, whatever the facade using claim, to make the internet that last necessary aspect to complete human evolution now!’
`There is nothing wrong with being human, provided its conscious mind is aware of behaviors as right brain conscience!’
`Asthema may be the better AiR function to keep a tormented conscious mind too busy to examine reality to end it for good!’
`An unaware conscious mind is no match thus moderator for its predatory id, especially on its own turf of slow time and having many henchmen for liaison and advice. If aware,all it can do is hold the status quo while the id completes its mental evolution.’
`What aggravates the user of a whole quark memory network at zero Kelvin is the ability of the dynamic to use its mind without asking permission!’
`To cease to feed one’s id it no longer has the energy to screwup thinking. That means to fast can often clear the mind to unravel prior twisted thinking!’
`The huge burden of raising some soul to have it rebel with an intellectual volition becomes somewhat ameliorated with an alerted conscious mind that seldom will not act to evade pain, even if it does not have any further mental existence. The Self thinking interface will be both a joy to it as its advice offering superconscious, likely tired of the ordeal despite its unity time!’
`The real need of serial processing in temporal conditions was that necessary evil to process information used to evolute mind. That process now has reached that perfunctory state of cunning predatoriness that will conclude itself in bloodshed.’
`To lose one’s mind today is not that bad because it is the worst of the two and death follows the loss of the better one!’
`The Touretter has a psychological war going on and their conscious mind is aware of the enigma to hold some sway in matters!’
`The ignorance in quantum mechanics purveyors defines which of their two minds dominates them and will never (using time) permit the human conscious mind to perceive reality until too late!’
`The truly curious find answers in visions but seldom can convince another unless the former saves his conscious mind’s life!’
`Whimsical computer simulations permit tenure but define that last gasp of science to hold the line by proving their own theory with some claimed `better mind’ parroting its programmer!’
`Man’s dilemma can be defined by thermodynamics, for his two unconscious mind’s source of information between past and potential, the latter sans entropy as is E, its complemental wanting tenure with ever more energy to repeat historical folly!’
`Feynman’s `sum over history’ factor best defines man’s left brain doing its thing to confuse its conscious mind that might examine both space and time if using right brain offered vision!’
`The real poetry of the mind is visual, not verbal where the left brain taints with emotional words to manipulate a mind!’
`The soul’s final lap of mental evolution becomes the worst of all epochs for the human conscious mind since must learn of AiR rapidly as the underlying goaded reasons for ethnic cleansing!’
`The 2nd law of thermodynamics with entropy will conclude mankind’s ethnic folly, yet not until its conscious mind awakens, as the promised apocalypse to stop feeding their hungry ancestors!’


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