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by on August 31, 2010

`The soul works off its choices in life to leave only one, its suicide to evade consequences or be put down by its alert conscious mind to complete more of Nature’s designed evolution.’
`The left brain mutilates whatever the right brain offers now, to evade any curiosity because the conscious mind hears too much about what those two complementals are able!’
`The mtDNA that defends its cell with fatty lipids, and consumes it for energy is between a rock and a hard spot, especially if an unhappy conscious mind decides to fast to clear the air!’
`The more primitive minded the more able can they evoke psychic phenomena, especially teleportations never understood by the more intellectual neurotic.’
`It is the `self programmed’ left brain occupier in man that becomes such a pain to its conscious mind, believing it is God to push everything for profit as becoming some god or demands immolation when frustrated from such demand!’
`What is altruism, if not procreation, as some father figure seeking to clone his own mind qualities in his youngsters?’
`Only a closed mind would think of a closed universe!’
`If God wanted company but found in the debris of His hand clapped magnetic standing waves an absolute idiotic folly prone primal mind, what more could be done than try to educate it?’
`However rationally a conscious mind may request to be not bothered, its left brain will bother up to death because is its programmed penchant to win whatever, as presses its mental evolutional quest in elevated time where it encounters that conscious faculty to learn how to suppress that overt folly!’
`The elected sacrosanct must not be frightened with reality as own the power to ease their frightened diabolical minds!’
`The conscious mind’s struggle to sift through its id’s vast array of half truths, is to at last evict it to go it alone with autism, with whatever engrams culled, but to decode visions of reality thereafter possibly with what was stored below in a far colder but silent id’s mtDNA.’
`The coming losers know they must direct the incarnate political mind or push it into starting the World War III holocaust!’


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