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by on August 31, 2010

`The shocker coming for the kept naive conscious mind believing that survival comes with cash, at least will not suffer long, lacking insight as had asked for it!’
`The insightive’s ease of awareness of grabber engrams defines their use of dynamic conscience so a conscious mind can enact an influence in social matters also.’
`The edge of a psychosis can be the better means to alert an aware conscious mind who can sit back for a clearer image of what is some likely problem then at hand.’
`Preconceived notions fool the obedient conscious mind who has not tasted of insight yet. The enigma will be understood when the dominant left brain in mankind gets fully disclosed!’
`One might wonder what kind of `dance’ occurs between the two primary spacetime derived mental faculty after the death of the incarnate conscious mind, when opposites annihilate each other?’
`Why should the Lord sustain a quality body for a corrupted mind when the mind’s evolution is the reason for that body?’
`The mind borne of time seeks more of it but with some energy to perform folly as get ever more for more folly, up on earth!’
`If the goal of a conscious mind is savantism, it will need to learn much more about suppressing its censoring id first!’
`To break the neck of their soul is the goal of any rational conscious mind so its need to find a way, whatever fasting may be needed, as harrowing experiences of subjective diabolical will!’
`To learn why we eat and breathe could evoke a psychosis if one’s unseen ancestors insisted on scaring hell out of a curious conscious mind bent on comprehending reality!’
`The public may not mind the lack of privacy as a Self thinking device begins to define reality, even if a vast trauma will follow with authority seeking suicide by using others with guns!’
`Curiosity switches on the right brain if of any importance to an evolving left brain as conscious mind most noted in children before their age of claimed reason.’
`Fear becomes a habit when a conscious mind once gets curious, so gets bamboozled by its id to not seek to understand the bizarre where reality lies yet unseen.’
`The greatest handicap for the conscious mind is its limited S.T. memory when its subconscious id has L.T. memory with which to better manipulate half truths!’
`Only the programmable human mind is of any value to the political as their unseen governing, where slaves may be eaten with impunity after their near death from taxation!’
`Acquired attention offers a diabolical energy flow that the human conscious mind is seldom privy to, as could evoke curiosity so a need for its extermination, en masse if necessary!’
`Hypnosis may be a fine adjunctive therapy as long as the conscious mind retains all visual perceptions to analyze for its subjective reality of experience, but for the import offered.’
`If late mankind only consciously understood what lurked within his subconscious mind with far greater IQ than itself, that so called apocalyptic awakening would ensue if the holocaust could be held off long enough!’
`Mankind’s elected officials best defines what, as who governs his late claimed intellectual mind, where no insight flows to see what must profit upon the conditioned stupid, whatever the cost!’
`Algorithms offered by one’s reductive mind will never come as close to finding reality as when one dreams of its theory first!’
`What may appear funny to an aware conscious mind is certainly not funny to those hustling for a dynamic existence, who somehow no longer deserve such state for their persistent folly!’
`If yawning has any quality function it should be to alert the conscious mind of some considered pending folly!’
`Compression may be man’s masstime way to memorize reality’s imports yet the ultimate compression is in the visual sense for a gestalt that need not be read by the past active digital mind.’
`The well evoluted soul finally earns its place in hell’s extended temporal state, fortunately when astute enough to block a curious conscious mind’s questioning.’
`The conscious mind is sacrificed to the soul as that soul to the spirit. In that order ignorance prevails to complete the evolutional experience of the soul to be of service to its spirit.’
`The creative well can run dry, at least until one’s integrative mind has digested what flowed before. Thus mass with time is that faculty permitting mental evolution as was the design.’
`Beyond our masstime goaded need to win lies the design of a needed evolution now held secret since the human conscious mind could aid in such factor most unwanted by its id buying time!’


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