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by on August 31, 2010

`The reluctance to explore as when CRF enhances the sympathetic CNS for the neurotic behavior shows that DA fear is the cause where insight might be offered to an aware conscious mind, especially in authority today!’
`It the choice of an aware conscious mind to select one or the other of its complemental unconscious to aid. Without that awareness no choice is possible where the hidden predatory one will usurp all priorities and a folly laden life thereafter!’
`The new fad of EQ (Emotional Quotient) fails to define the emotions as owned by all three minds so means nothing even if likely trying to define CQ which offers loving emotion.’
`Oddly, the conscious mind is also an automaton to correct another created automaton called the soul, now censoring that former faculty for all its worth, near committing suicide enmasse!’
`At least the human conscious mind had some joy in life until it began to be censored by its frantic soul, that insisted to be the king over all other minds it thought existed.’
`The greatest joy comes from assembling the universe in one’s mind privately, since few others are ever ready to understand.’
`Since only programming has replaced education for the ease of procuring obedient cheap labor or point running fodder for the state or elite, a culture dies as loses innovation but the net therapy lies in its failure during civil strife where the dormant able minded come to the surface again for returned progress.’
`Until the human conscious mind realizes its two complemental unconscious of either space or time orientation as lateral brains little headway will come for better mass civil behavior now!’
`The left brain dominated use many numbers and nouns to define reality, but most to keep a potentially moderative conscious mind from seeing it and demanding a change in thinking!’
`There is that one higher in relative time than those below so wise are those conscious minds as chose which brain half to use!’
`Fortunately most decent reductive minds have adequate reasoning capacity to drive a vehicle heavier than their self where any normal response is fast enough. The same nervous servoloop is by far underestimated for an ultralight plane whose weight is so close its pilot’s and not even reflexive response is sufficient!’
`As the computer is subservient to the conscious mind the soul should be as well but those tables have been turned, unsaid!’
`It is the uncanny business of a mother to keep here children naive, at least up to their age of reason where their own id will prevent their conscious mind from learning anything important, as what their unconscious consists as is up to surreptitiously!’
`As long as greed rules the mind lacking conscious as right brain offered insight, the political will always emerge making promises and laws for their own survival.’
`There are few ways a conscious mind can stay happy once awakening to the unconscious folly insistently pressing as censoring life’s reality. Happiness then comes with pressing on the evolutional goal which then offers their aesthetic life.’
`There can be only one mind in thus universe, as created and programmed for self `mental’ evolution as the soul, occupying the many self motivating all the way up to the human animal.’
`Had mankind taken for reality the `trinity’ minds within his own psyche there would have been no tragic conclusion pending now for its final step of human evolution.’
`The Creator’s design may be very pragmatic, yet between the two complemental in a masstime dichotomy, mental antagonism prevails to get out of hand with one’s evolution in jealousy to seek to sustain a dumb moderative conscious mind, whatever the cost!’
`We conscious minds are interpreters but get our facts twisted before we see them by what evoluted before us called our soul!’
`An eight yearold soul equivalent is about as far as natural evolution goes so requires an ever more alert conscious mind to goad its completed mental growth without material greedy objectives where it earns only bloody ethnic chaos in return.’
`A coma may define a dormant RAS or conscious mind yet a life continues for its two remain unconscious, with the possibility of returned prowess to complete the evolutional design. If dialogue ceases between the pon’s area faculty death most can follow, unless ancestors can keep it alive to eat to feed them!’
`Only a 7 yearold conscious mind could tolerate its 8 yearold id ranting and raving with ADD to rule its psychic roost!’
`Women in politics is natural because they only have social instincts for survival in mind to seek to manipulate others. As they realize that democratic rule is gang rule, their concerted mutual interests are at stake to outwit men, even with insight.’
`There is only one `surcoat’ or coat of arms for the conscious mind and remains subjective which the Chinese call Chi, that now pending faculty the rest of mankind will learn which will evoke that promised holocaust by what it would be used benignly upon!’
`The Lord does not kill, only aids in prolife functions as the more worthy life when mentally evoluting. Thus Chi can aid with a conscious mind’s user intent if defensive in some net way, as in the favor of the Lord’s net objectives.’


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