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by on August 31, 2010

`A pain’s fundamental level is often perpetrated but to obtain obedience of a kept dumb conscious mind, arthritis but one means, especially if it feeds henchmen of that pain perpetrator!’
`Mankind’s self flagellation with conscious will may appear as some sign of madness yet is a primary sign of that aware as fedup conscious mind taking action to relieve itself!’
`To bury one’s soul in its hell need no remorse since it was asking for it by giving hell to that conscious mind!’
`The need to constantly defend oneself from jealous buffoons who have won authority turns many qualified minds away for aiding their cultures anymore which offers the most aid to end such progressive perversion all the faster!’
`Late cultures die as the able minded cringe to remain free of their established authority, milking anyone of their last ability to survive in any rational way.’
`An incomplete soul continues to exist and knows it, so performs folly to remain incomplete to perform ever more forever if at all possible. Thus the stupidity of the human conscious mind!’
`Reality does exist in the brain but its mind must utilize insight to begin to fathom its fullest nature and reason to exist!’
`AI experts that want to `mechanize’ consciousness are actually far behind the feat well done now, noted with man’s left cerebral brain dominance over the midbrain RAS. The obvious import of this is its lost insight for fathoming physics as all other factors leading to understanding its two complemental minds!’
`Between the exhilarating visual ascending NDE and the opposite descending eerie rasping cyclic noise, a conscious mind can learn firsthand of its complemental selves as their aspect of offered spacetime awareness!’
`All ritualistic behaviors have satanistic undertones as the temporal/verbal mind of man is in cahoots therewith.’
`If a father figure cannot alert his children of conscience as insight use, he as those children’s conscious mind are guilty of folly against Nature’s wishes.’
`The greatest fear of a soul over its conscious mind is its ability to access REM dream or Freud’s Royal Road, not because of some invention offer but the pending folly of that soul.’
`A quality psychotherapeutic awakens the conscious mind, often kept naive of reality by its covert sympathetic CNS called the id or soul, but from what its complemental parasympathetic can offer in the way of insight which defines reality. The greater terror in the late evoluted animal specie as man stems from its yet viable deceased, much as the Balanese well understand, even western indian, but lacking knowledge of the dangers of such liaison even with various hallucinogen use defining same but misunderstood.’
`Nature does not have infinite patience especially for those in slow time dragging their feet. Thus it is man’s conscious mind that needs the awareness to act in Nature’s behalf.’ `Any `Gordian Knot’ would be tied by the id to evade empirical facts that might lead a conscious mind to consider reality now!’


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