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by on August 31, 2010

`How can a `chunking’ reductive mind offer what it feels is dangerous to itself to reveal reality and predatory instincts?’
`So we humans think we have problems over here in 3D?’
`Facts are never wanted because a conscious mind stands by to learn about reality, a vast taboo today where an unconscious now rules most, especially the yet naive intellectual as poses mankind’s greatest of all liability.’
`Sadly but the human conscious mind gets stuck with only S.T. memory when past available L.T. memory gets blocked to prevent it from deducing reality. While a potent intellectual id can do this it will use plaque with Alzheimer’s to ease its chore when able.’
`If the id cannot fully block a curious conscious mind’s request for L.T. memory data, it twists same into half truths to dissuade any full conclusions about reality when intellectual.’
`Naivete is difficult to come by yet the art of the intellectual’s reductive mind that fears most reality!’
`The human race is being set up with TV now for violence and trivia to ensure its maximum blood shed when finally needed. The well kept secret defines late man’s intellectual neurosis just before his ancestors run out of food as would with an awakened conscious mind in absolute revulsion!’
`It is the psychological whipping in front of an alert conscious mind that modifies for good a person’s future behavior!’
`It is what the conscious mind of man finds that counts, not what its soul finds earlier to censor same from conscious perusal to find out why such thoughts are dangerous to perversions!’
`To remain curious but unfettered by preconceived notions can allow a stalwart conscious mind the freedom to think unhampered often even by his government albeit becomes a menace to it!’
`Both the soul as conscious minds are computing `machines’ in temporal existence but alive only to such extent that the nontemporal offers the energy to become dynamic with DA, not 5HT!’
`A written as running account of one’s mind is always better because L.T. memory has the chance to twist reality, whether to hide a reality or make a profit from some booboo!’
`The resolution of jobs as personnel via the Self thinking interface will replace deadwood with the able minded as will not be socially minded to seek upmanship over pragmatic production.’
`To suffer means one’s soul is present so a necessary evil for that yet naive conscious mind. Only in some full blown autistic state can a conscious mind finally take charge of its life!’
`Those that are able to read another’s mind never say so yet often take heed early!’
`As the d to a converting, as reversed neuronal hardwiring of the brain allows the conscious mind to partake in both its complemental spatial and temporal unconscious when still allowed!’
`Between `is’ and `can be’ lies the difference between the two brain halves as a conscious mind’s will to pay attention for its better options!’
`Since humanity now runs point for their discarnate ancestors, the huge mounting dilemma defines how close any apocalyptic conscious mind awakening will evoke that promised holocaust!’
`A mind programmed to want existence will thwart another mind which endangers the former from its freedom to acquire that existence so becomes a danger to both when it can evoke AiR or act in overt behaviors to kill the body for yet another chance at life!’
`The political minded seek to be socialites, not leaders.’
`To be snubbed by authority is not too bad a sign as it can warn the few who think with insight to get scarce when thinking!’
`To fall down one’s psychological stairs to their ground floor can be enlightening if no one comes to their aid to block insight to remain a social norm. To reclimb one’s stairs but with their conscious mind’s eyes wide open, can be enlightening indeed where a depressive sojourn can be most therapeutic!’
`Early autism thus little conscious will to seek savantism is that anomaly spooking psychology. As temporal cerebral EEG switching prevails, a conscious mind can use visual imports for historical recall, yet integrate the new therewith for genius.’
`The curious self medicate with THC to learn about the universe while others use Prozac to try to win that universe!’
`There can be no freedom to self therapize until the conscious mind learns of its dichotomous unconscious will opposite wills as objectives. A case in point is when curiosity drives one to seek through natural psychotherapeutic adjuncts like THC versus psychic energizers like Prozac to goad the user to win the planet!’
`An abdicated soul or id is not all bad if an alerted conscious mind prevails for the truly rational life then.’


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