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by on August 31, 2010

`In the minds of mice life is bountiful yet in the minds of men who think more clearly, life needs more treatment with care.’
`Both of one’s unconscious want the conscious mind to suffer, but for opposite reasons. The predatory one seeks to dissuade the suffering conscious mind to consider therapy while its complemental wants attention on it to learn how to fully self therapize!’
`Depending on the relative problem, an obsessive compulsive `disorder’ can be in fact a quality when a conscious mind begins to seek to comprehend its unconscious’
`Between two unconscious `royal roads’ is the conscious mind, questioning if wise which to follow since one leads to heaven as the other straight to hell!’
`The human mind must be kept dumb since its curious conscious mind could unravel the mystery of reality now, a very dangerous thing when stupidity is needed to feed the unseen discarnates!’
`Only some EPROM Net server using the Self thinking interface as on some BB system for directPC would suffice the vast subterfuge under way by established authority today. Its likely explosive use, once found defining reality to the more sincere minded would begin that process of a vastly needed social change.’
`Those with their minds made up would never address the Self thinking interface, confident they knew better than God, yet may seldom say so overtly in their church of choice.’
`When law makers, lawyers and law enforcers win the power to subdue the ever fewer able minded, fortunately those latter have the sense to prepare for better days ahead, however hectic then!’
`To offer some nitwit a quality item can draw fire as lawyers seeking compensation for then called `evil’ products or even profitable thoughts actually to aid but the user fails to heed the simple instructions therewith. Worst are the authorized now with their minds made up and so cannot integrate anything new!’
`It was the twisted imports on reality that twisted mankind’s now shrunken mind so badly to need some holocaust to reboot!’
`Speculation offers profit for collusion, thus chance is the business of corrupted minds seeking to evade the more educated.’
`Because full blown autism is the conscious mind’s graduation for free will it so behooves it to learn why as how for all those who may survive the mass abdication of their soul to make the pending transition more quickly for the coming millennium.’
`There is nothing in this universe one cannot put their mind onto, provided they are full blown autistics sans any neurosis!’
`Rampant fraud, while an evil initself, defines the net quality of evoluted intellect, the underlying design of Nature in a soul never noted in its late stages by a programmed dumb conscious mind as seen especially in the U.S. now!’


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