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by on August 31, 2010

`If the `formed’ crystal with a coherent image defines memory as likely the DNA or mtDNA, are there two modes of recall therein as two light spectral frequencies for two separate conscious mind as denoted by the bilateral faculty in the human head?’
`Women detest cursing but that most defines what drives them who justly fear any open condemnation in front of their kept dumb conscious mind!’
`Whatever is truly new to the conscious mind needs to be more considered, especially if it got into awareness subjectively. The UFO experience is a case in point even if the perceiver had their eyes wide open and another swears they saw nothing beside them!’
`More worrisome today are the inarticulate tongues, where the most articulate subconscious uses it for speech garbling if not another mind not yet understood behind that!’
`The manifest destiny of humanity is right cerebral dominance, once the left gets mentally evoluted as predatory penchants ended with human conscious mind dominant control.’
`Aside from AiR or suicide, the worst state of affairs can be an AiR drive once an alert conscious mind realizes how to sustain health by driving out most sympathetic CNS functions, in part its Thanatosic behavior until fully aware of its dual unconscious!’
`It is the subjective mental battle where some win versus lose outcome dictates better health or death, proportionate to a person’s conscious mind’s prowess to understand innate folly!’
`Those many subtle sayings like “snow job” come from the unconscious often says far more about reality than would ever be allowed comprehension by the human conscious mind!’
`It is the unrealized deathwish that becomes so destructive, especially in the intellectual whose conscious mind is kept dumb up to some AiR’s final trump card gets played!’
`The reason why we do not think about some things because they hold information that terrorizes our id, so in proportion to its evolved intellect censors our conscious mind to our net demise!’
`To get too cross academic requires the use of one’s `parallel’ nontemporal mind, even if sometimes too broad in scope if not visually examined in detail.’
`Decongestants using ephedrine now wanted for methenphetamines to strengthen the id for its high is far more dangerous than the suppressants of 5HT which could enlighten the conscious mind of the anomaly in the first place but are held more illegal now!’
`The quadrature generated by right angled conjugation of coherent light defines quality memory where the dual historicals must agree thus terrorizes the id so uses verbal half truths to sustain its conscious mind’s stupidity.’
`To conjure a mirrored reality with conjugated coherent light is the Creator’s art and business, yet to animate it with independent minds took far more finesse when the mirrored part evoluted mentally to then want out!’
`To learn who `pulls their strings’ brings schizophrenia as their APA therapist their overt suicides to escape the obvious!’
`Some DA is fine if the conscious mind provided it can assimilate the rapid mental processing but to be doused with such neurotransmitter for its euphoric high may be less than rational!’
`When underlying ethnic cleansing goads the human mind via unseen mtDNA, that culture will destroy itself most readily!’
`Miscellaneous many physical problems in the body defines their conscious mind’s need to examine same since many routes of AiR has been devised via gene twisting as overt ancestor aid most to so keep a conscious mind dumb with attention thereon until used to kill that body, should reality be noted consciously!’
`One’s liberation from some prior unsaid slavery can only come from the right brain since as their left brain is not able to define its perverted need to keep enslaved its conscious mind!’
`To be tickled to death may be the fortune of a conscious mind whether called some hebephrenic or schizoid or find right brain use as that endall of past realized life’s agony!’
`Brainwashing has always been the means to wash facts from the minds of those most able to think the greatest factor now governing all academic institutions where reality must be subdued!’


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