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by on August 31, 2010

`We humans acquire our greatest problem when our soul censors our conscious mind from insight to rule it with impunity. So now more incarnate souls buy unseen henchmen to do its bidding by feeding them fatty lipids, soon to be realized in horror with the Self thinking interface in lieu of that said censoring.’
`Facts come most with unseen fiction when man’s conscious mind remains naive of from where insight for genius comes!’
`It is the transition from using the ancient but evoluted perverted soul to its benign nontemporal complemental than now disrupts most of human social conditions where the pending conscious mind’s awakening will recognize its duty at last.’
`The greater the intellect the greater the ravages done to the conscious mind, especially if curious to then bring AiR!’
`As omnipotent as the spirit is from unity time, it might yet appreciate aid down there in extended temporal conditions where the soul has evolved intellectually to be a diabolical fool to so keep that moderative conscious mind stupid!’
`The reduction of E into mc squared permitted folly to follow as the soul mentally evolved to prey upon its own conscious mind so keep it naive while winning the planet!’
`The noisy evil minded now know they must win or will lose!’
`There is only one `role model’ and its designed subordinate life in slow masstime behooves that conscious mind to relieve its own stresses with willful behavior instead of wail at some wall for aid which then does comes from diabolical ancestors!’
`The evolution of the computer nearly paralleled the soul, not only because of its time orientation but a device convenient for making mistakes hidden from the stupid human conscious mind!’
`The computer as soul is nearly worthless, beyond teaching the conscious mind some misery in life!’
`Matter only matters to masstime minds and the soul, stuck in its temporal state all the way down to zero Kelvin!’
`We conscious minds have no other choice than to fight our own soul once we become aware of its Thanatosic goal before discovery and the following struggle for survival under some AiR siege!’
`All human behaviors are dictated unconsciously now so the big question for the conscious mind is which as thus psychopathic!’
`Are the men in black human zombies lacking a soul as morally educated conscious mind doing the bidding of unseen others with a like mtDNA who do not inhabit elevated masstime conditions?’
`If knowing little else consciously, dreams guide and always come in time to alert of potential dangers as offer survival, of which the more ancient minded aboriginals understand intimately.’
`A contract never gets signed between a soul and its kept dumb conscious mind since only in death do they then part!’
`Hypnotic pain relief may be the best analgesic because it so allows a conscious mind to dwell on better things to allow that which was responsible for the pain continue to suffer with it!’
`Pain teaches well but need not be sensed by the naive conscious mind unless to teach it how to evade its id’s folly!’
`The shunting of Kety’s pain or `bad value’ (p factor) with psychological reattention focus via hypnosis may define the best way to evade pain, where the AiR (Autoimmune Response)* sympathetic CNS faculty continues to sense its folly, when the RAS conscious mind can do little to evade same.
`The greatest fear in discarnates is the awakened conscious mind of incarnates where their swing to right brain guidance and remedy could terminate a hidden feeding so desperately needed!’
`It is not necessarily the human conscious mind that is now to blame for its mounting chaos, but what evoluted with stealth in its left brain half to finally censor fully from its conscious mind anything worth examining about the genesis of psychopathy!’


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