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by on August 31, 2010

`Theseus might be a human conscious mind whose tiring of AiR needs to put its Minotaur into its place within its labyrinth, a factor for medical technology once it gets understood!’
`The `quorum’ mechanism for gut bacteria to act in unison is governed by that unconscious which believes it owns the body, but only when a kept dumb conscious mind cannot interact to avoid AiR or fightflight functions to kill that body.’
`ADD suffering boys might be more rational where cross cerebral information sustains a fully aware conscious mind. Women with their decoupled forebrains never sense this beyond their mtDNA goading ancestors who know well of the dilemma!’
`Inner terror sustains dyslexia where overactive attention on facade prevents reality to seep through from the other brain half and might awaken their kept dumb conscious mind.’
`Blood brothers with a common allegiance becomes the nemesis of many whose kept dumb conscious mind is apt to join those with grand promises of winning the world for whatever reason!’
`When the pathological get terrorized over apparent trivia one can suspect their unconscious perceives more than their conscious mind as time for covert behaviors is about up, however revealed!’
`A curious conscious mind beckons the worst from their soul!’
`To hear subjectively the dynamic vowel part of some neurotically block word defines one’s temporal mind is the culprit!’
`Diana left just in time, where an most ancient mind was needed to guide jolly ol’ England to its ultimate sad fate, as ruled so long ago from Stone Henge!’
`Is there be a mantra used with each right angled turn on the labyrinth to allow a yet naive so entrapped conscious mind a way to escape its plight as perpetrated illness by unseen others?’
`ASCII language of the mind lies likely in the mtDNA where the closest crystal magnetic domain fields define its bits of binary data. Its storage at zero Kelvin then defines its longevity!’
`Night sweats show broad GSR, where a defensive soul threatens a psychosis to keep a wary conscious mind in line!’
`To enter the world of psychism may be a fearful event for the neophyte conscious mind where the real fear is from its id as has thus far manipulated that conscious mind for folly!’
`Intellect is the primary sign of pending chaos for the yet naive conscious mind thus a great caution for any psychoanalyst who must introduce that kept dumb conscious mind to reality!’
`Any Dinosaur Club now might be too late since few CEOs might be able to reorient their manipulative minds for any independent survival to say little of learning some self reliance!’
`To escape masters requires using wisdom, a factor now most programmed from the human mind by the mentally defunct who need others to hoe the corn as feed them, on earth or just off of it!’
`To be introduced in a late morning dream to certain anomalous yet rational imports, to then be carried on with conscious will is the ultimate objective of that latter mind but in order to rationalize life’s ultimate design as goal for Nature.’
`It is always a matter of the held ignorant to outwit the lazy intellectual that promotes human evolution. While often chaotic, it does serve Nature’s goal in the end, when the left brain gains too much power over the human animal’s conscious mind!’
`People who claim overtly as feign ignorance most now is to convince their conscious mind to not become too curious.’
`The human conscious mind blunders must now with an evolved intellectual soul buying time to evade extended time.’
`Man’s fate has always been contingent to what goaded his conscious mind so now only trivia remains with lost insight, to conclude a once vibrant culture to become fodder for discarnates!’
`While the nearly exposed legions of discarnate souls would prefer to turn this planet into some supernova to escape, their only recourse is to raise as much hell on the planet as possible to grin at someone else’s misery the kept dumb conscious mind!’


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