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by on August 31, 2010

`The soul will happily torture itself if it feels revenge is being had upon its conscious mind or others. This enigma only can show the soul is used to pain so a bit more doesn’t matter!’
`Hard knocks in life are not bad, yet the id’s fight to evade them are tough on a conscious mind, especially with early AiR!’
`A flash of insight is terrorizing to the id since it did not get censored, for a wary conscious mind to use the nuance!’
`The nutating top slowing down can show the like syndrome of the tired id from being expelled and is finally giving up to its conscious mind acquiring ever more insight to complete the job!’
`Since it is mind over matter, it then for we humans becomes a matter of whose noisy mind that matters!’
`One is likely `on track’ in life if they dream often in color but of nothing bizarre where something is needed said to a conscious mind, which needs no ambiguity to evade an id’s censoring.’
`The often used phrase of “perhaps we shouldn’t ask” defines the unconscious worry about answers too adroit for our conscious mind’s good if AiR had been under way for some time!’
`The primary struggle in life is for dynamic time but the mind of man never falls to such design since is needed stupid to feed the demanding their fats with ATP or ADP up to death!’
`Only a fully integrated forebrain can offer an aware conscious mind insights, even if censoring prevails but cannot catchup in relative time fast enough to block all of it!’
`It took much time for the human conscious mind to catch up with its evolving intellectual soul thus the pending chaos as the empirical scientific obvious can no longer be refuted!’
`The peak of a soul’s intellect evolves far sooner than any awaking of the conscious mind, to bring censoring and folly with impunity up to affected AiR or overt `accident’ well planned!’
`The most debilitating is left brain dominance even if claimed intellectual. It insists on independence as anonymity to perform folly without consequence up to killing with AiR or opportunity a growing curious conscious mind especially today!’
`The better of most rational conscious minds now get foiled by their intellectual id as had evoluted for many centuries before, now noted with human left cerebral dominance.’
`The soul considers its incarnate conscious mind as stupid so with its astute censoring can often sustain that ignorance thus drive it to eat for the fatty lipids for the ever greater energy to evoke folly unrecognized.’
`An epileptic seizure is the signal of a frustrated id that no longer will tolerate new information into its conscious mind. The loss of deathwish via AiR may be the goading factor.’
`The worst scenario for any conscious mind is to perceive why its own soul performs so much folly, knowing it is doomed!’
`It is the damned fool goading we conscious minds that someday will take the heat of Armageddon to then sit on ice for another time to complete its retribution!’
`All but man’s right prolife brain and even kept stupid conscious mind seeks the quality life yet his evoluted left brain has learned how to kill slowly on which then to survive elsewhere!’
`Today’s `shake and mate’ syndrome has fooled most males into believing it must continue, unable to think through the game of upmanship and covert manipulation instead of mental evolution.’
`Accrued masstime energy is condensed magnetic ether where an EM standing wave holds a definitive place in time to permit the evolutional objective of secondary minds.’
`The amount of booze needed shows a conscious mind’s defensive behavior of keeping ancestors at bay!’
`A soul with too much energy for its conscious mind’s comfort is from ancestors, who realize too much curiosity prevails!’
`Mankind’s evolutional conclusion will be fortunately fast, to not needlessly force a yet dumb conscious minds to suffer. While it will require hunger to not feed unseen ancestors, it will be their overt act in deep frustration to initiate the holocaust!’
`We are all full of parasitic bacteria, most promoted by our hungry ancestors using common mtDNA keys to our body to implant their `feeding aids’ now with more simple `minded’ RNA programs.’
`Souls feed upon each other, according to the ethnic distance and felt security of their own kind. Only Chi can correct the net folly as wielded by an aware conscious mind often with gusto!’


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