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by on August 31, 2010

`It is now the blatant avoidance of fact, in science or medicine that makes obvious what now governs man’s conscious mind. A stark fact that ancient pyramids cannot be duplicated much less fabrication be understood!’
`How can any conscious mind trust what it obviously cannot so trust in others with even an equal intelligence today?’
`When simpleminded TV `ha ha’ shows abound there is with them the ominous for those who yet think and wonder about UFOs!’
`Human cruelty began long before that specie ascended trees, much less descended for his bipedal existence. His predatory syndromes excels now because of his long intellectual evolution in many past centuries to fool even his conscious moderating mind.’
`There are few dreams for a conscious mind as adroit as running some maze in hell’s halls, goaded or chased by one’s id!’
`Any pylori difficulty defines the upset sympathetic CNS where stringent measures should be done to quell its distraught feeling since only leads to greater AiR with death, to avoid what it considers the worst of all scenarios, a conscious mind’s discovery!’
`Fear most evicts the soul yet can be momentary with a depression, as will often return when the coast is clear of the wary conscious mind suffering the anomaly most!’
`The programmed as twisted academic mind today reflects those who need fodder, be it for the state or the larger state unsaid. This apparent anomaly thus cannot be understood by graduates yet, as the Anasazi learned well the larger lesson so long ago!’
`While considered simple minded by the intellectual today, the apparent slow minded guarantees their survival through the well planned holocaust needed by the intellectual to escape retribution far better planned by Nature!’
`It is the conscious mind that poses the greatest obstacle to the perverted soul thus its most effort at stopping cerebral mental processing, then presenilins for AiR where a yet feeding body can remain viable for the hungry unseen!’
`Paranoid schizophrenics are made that way if not by greedy authority intimidating the yet naive, then by an innate soul that needs a terrified conscious mind to keep out of its business!’
`A perpetrated hysterical response is most a display to fool a potentially wary conscious mind as could evict such perpetrator with the simple use of Chi, with a bit of gusto behind it!’
`Behavior unbecoming the civilized mind began long ago, likely before leaving the trees for an erect stature not in mind!’
`To demand that seen of value from the ever fewer selfreliant able minded forces them underground to fight to their end they so can see coming for much thinning of late humankind.’


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