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by on August 31, 2010

`The truly rude awakening by the alerted conscious mind is the fact that is was framed with cliche and half truths but backed up with pending AiR or an `accident’ just in case!’
`If the human conscious mind knew of the many other minds infesting it, the vast paradigm of current sick mental processing would cease for a kind of Utopia to follow if Armageddon didn’t follow first to make such grand scenario then possible!’
`The primitive mind thus more perceptive could ponder the sky and perceive many accrued images aloft which in turn offers myth and ideals to ponder for social wellbeing. Not even a Freudian Psychology today means, anything despite the splitbrain data!’
`The ancient adaptive as naive left brain user allowed reality to be acknowledged which says something about the late evoluted mind of man now, denying even the most obvious!’
`The greater yet avoided question in man is what evolves in an animal’s mind to offer intellect as cunning behavior? While psychiatric folly could define the problem best, it must never be said since their armamentariums have neuroleptics!’
`The soul is privy to the dream as the conscious mind, yet the former has henchmen to halt any conscious action thereto if it is to curb its wayward folly to buy time by feeding those aiding.’
`The dilemma for the conscious mind of man is to live long enough to find out to live longer in hopes of finding out what is trying kill its body before it learns too much!’
`One can detest another’s soul yet feel sorry for their conscious mind struggling to comprehend their pathology!’
`To care not to be a slave, especially to the unseen diabolical running all official minds in a culture, an “aberrancy” label is essential to cull the thinking from the ranks of grunts needed to lay their lives down to win the planet, yet is the needed continued bloodshed more needed by who govern those officials.’
`The world is full of nuance but great caution is needed where two vying unconscious struggle to define reality in complemental ways and a kept dumb conscious mind fails to learn which offers the better information as shunned Freud’s Royal Road!’
`To shit literally is an `explicative’ but the norm for a soul that learns its next difficult lesson is at hand. Only an aware conscious mind wielding Chi can offer that final catharsis!’
`The unseen predatory evil minded cannot use Chi, yet they are most vulnerable to it when wielded by the offended defensive!’
`The persistent curiosity of the Chinese shows a right brain dominance thus remain aloof from western minded manipulators!’
`Idolatry prevails in the human mind but never is divulged who are the god’s most honored therein something the Anasazi found with chagrin so needed to evade such rectilinear oriented by then leaving their homes and area.’
`The fearful soul will leave the body to hungry or ugly henchmen so terrorize its kept naive conscious mind a grotesque factor of huge proportions today with late conditioned mankind!’
`There is nothing on earth that will take more time to comprehend than what constitutes the temporal mind, buying time for a subterfuge never divulged up to its final breath!’
`When the news people say; “Will there be stay tuned!” there can be seen drama or melodrama used, not news which had already happened and need not offered to mindless children with anticipation as only seeks to get ratings for profit, unsaid!’
`Because onethird of one’s mind has its mind made up to win whatever yet another third seeking a rational win, the third and last part called conscious too often fails to heed either to find itself in dire problems the enigma of the late human animal.’
`Since there is no way to alert much less curb the corrupted mind, Nature guides others of near equal corruption to faceoff in some petty argument to teach both some needed lessons.’
`About the only time a conscious mind thinks is to reach for some analgesic, not care about what is wrong to begin with. This syndrome defines the potency of their id as it cares little about pain, only how to win something for attention while evoking AiR for death to escape the planet as soon as possible!’


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