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by on August 31, 2010

`Could the low magnetic field around Mars have aided the primitive minded where slower mental processing might aid most?’
`The curious developing thus evoluting mind requires the integrated forebrained animal, especially a dynamic Y chromosome!’
`How can there be any quality Woman’s Liberation movement when their claimed better minds remain decoupled from conscience?’
`Allergic reactions define the fightflight faculty, in stress in psychic ways, or unhappy with an awakening conscious mind asking too many question to evoke AiR!’
`The more primitive as smaller nuclei with mind, the easier it is defended against if one knows how to wield Chi!’
`It is the growing unhappiness of the awakening soul of its destiny that rubs off onto its conscious mind, to evoke an even worse situation if a male with a dynamic right brain as Y chromosome suggesting evolutional is nearly up!’
`Purveyors as writers of fiction have a fictitious mind, much as the peddler of such fictional creations to equally fictitious readers seeking ways and means for their kind of survival.’
`Bulimics are energy or food dispensers to accessing clientele using their mtDNA key. Their only escape is anorexia if their conscious mind should happen to get alerted to their basic even never true subjective problem!’
`The worse possible scenario is when an intellectual id grabs full control via its left brain to keep dumb its conscious mind to then proceed to suck what energy it can as fatten the person.’
`The best way to know as learn anything is to use one’s right brain most then to evade twisted reality before the conscious mind gets such import with left brain censoring dominance!’ `To learn too much physics allows one to outstep others whose linear rote programmed mind remains incapable of perceiving reality as the quickest route to self therapy in any way!’
`Those unable to find the Royal Road will find they are on the `dump road’ headed for extended time soon. Best for their conscious mind to not worry as nothing then could be done anyhow!’
`To consciously realize another mind within their mental matrix considers their body more valuable dead than alive is often a revolting idea so sadly dismisses it for their own demise!’
`The persistent western mind need to win whatever, has a severed mental matrix and the conscious mind cannot therefore come to realize it at least until too late as in death.’
`The schizophrenic mind is split as the Greeks said, but more like a piece of cove molding down the middle but to evade all integrated reasoning at right angles!’
`When fiddlers with the news gets beyond stockmarket folly to offer glitches or slurs, that government has evil in mind!’
`The ever more simple minded human animal is near its planned demise but actually an aid for Nature where to self destruct is a quality act when so few are worth feeding any more!’
`If the cycles of malaise of most diseases occurs in a cyclic fashion in sync with the advance of low pressure weathercells, it likely is a psychic disease at root, whether to merely sustain a conscious mind’s attention or timely kill the subject via AiR!’


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