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by on August 31, 2010

`To bother the religious as claimed `scientific’ with reality is currently futile because of mankind’s long prior evolution of finding ways of hiding reality from a moderating conscious mind!’
`To be faced with the facts often will evoke the psychosis, so then the conscious mind can learn something new instead!’
`The soul will absorb, even evoke, vast pain upon its own body but to force its yet naive conscious mind to not examine reality further struggling with its unsaid cohorts in AMA!’
`That which was borne of time must repeat some cyclic act forever, and worst comes to such realization too late for its moderating conscious mind while yet incarnated!’
`To be `strung out’ in relative time is the need for a conscious mind to enable it to control its more temporal faculty now seeking most to dominate the whole mind for folly.’
`The tenured mind must be made up thus `knot heads’ can best be defined as psychological neurotic nitwits!’
`The worst thing about the tenured is that they know it so their neurotic behavior with minds made up must be allowed to try to win the planet whatever their erred reasoning or cost to the taxpayer wherever he might live!’
`What more can a conscious mind expect than vast subterfuge where its complemental bilateral unconscious pose different meaning for the same subject matter while fooled to believe a verbal language is more to be trusted than the visual?’
`The confused mind is a volitional act to prevent a conscious mind from falling to the truth. When aided by believed authority, as refuting a UFO, we find the maximum of folly amongst mankind!’
`The one polybigbang offered simultaneous evolution to all created minds to prevent too much diabolical manipulation, once intellect evolved to prey upon each other!’
`Fortunately one’s Lord learns faster than its complemental so with prolife ideals can aid even the suffering moderator conscious mind with ideas of how to defend or thwart the uglier one with Chi, accurately focused!’
`Overt greed, as evolved IQ, became rampant at the end of the 19th century to make unworthy any creative mind thereafter.’
`Cognitive performance may be least neurotic controlled, yet cannot aid in therapizing for some better behavior if a kept conscious mind does not participate in such activity.’
`While discarnates need to kill incarnates should the latter find unconscious folly as being feeding fodder, it brings that expected conscious mind’s apocalyptic awakening for Armageddon!’


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