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by on August 31, 2010

`That which will destroy to profit will also destroy its own body to escape any dynamic retributive sojourn in worldly time, as where some needed lesson might occur and a kept dumb conscious moderating mind stands by to possibly get alerted!’
`A conscious mind probing its unconscious because of instilled curiosity is now the most dangerous psychological act possible!’
`High anticipation as when gambling can offer large rushes of DA, such addictive rut most noted in the programmed simple minded who had fallen to their social promises that all can win!’
`The more important terms or words momentarily forgotten best define the neurotic avoidance of the adroit for a attentive conscious mind seeking to understand reality.’
`Depending how rapidly a conscious mind can swing its allegiance to its right dictates how quickly it may evade the deathwish AiR action of its left for the quality life!’
`Man’s greatest conscious need is first to learn how to comprehend his goal to reach a near par with its ancient evoluted soul in the critical areas of resolving its foibles. In childhood as prebirth fetal programming, the whole goal for that incarnation is placed into that moderative conscious mind, to uncover as make changes in volitional folly that will surely follow!’
`Parents need to know they must teach their children’s conscious mind about their unconscious mental matrix to so head off pending folly as their personal devil moves in around eight!’
`To watch one’s dreams come true often has a bad side, even if nightmares are hidden from the conscious mind, just in case!’
`One must learn quickly of their conscious chore coming when a part of their own mind seeks to take over for folly.’
`Once one’s soul realizes that its conscious mind will defend itself with Chi, it can give up its folly or suffer far more!’
`No doubt mind is over matter, but Chi alone guarantees that!’
`Self exorcism requires the use of Chi, but by a conscious mind versed in wave mechanics, little understood yet in physics!’
`Of two types of monogloid brain one has a quality need for integrated thought while the pathological form to hold grabber engrams for posterity to be dealt with in karmic style, albeit with an alerted conscious mind unhappy with what it found!’
`The consequence of avoided right brain offered insight for an opportunity is left brain censoring, or twisted logic to ensure a kept dumb conscious mind fails to moderate with reason.’ `To maltreat one’s left brain volitional fool can relieve the conscious mind’s pain all the sooner.’


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