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by on August 31, 2010

`Does the allowed reversed mirror image of a discarnate ensure their anonymity when viewed by the integrated mind, where the bilateral mental complementals remain obscure?’
`Does a definitive Lord get recreated each time a mind seeks to pay attention to it, when its definitive time derived complemental continues to exist, even if in unthinking infinite time?’
`Behind the need for number game playing is the reductive mind where manipulated chance intrigues most the covert predatory, who get their chance options from the most gambling unseen today.’
`Only an unhappy soul finds the `bottomless pit’ if entering such infinite temporal zone as a falling mind into forever!’
`The soul that does not fight hard enough to kill its body as its conscious mind gets close to understanding reality suffers a fate worst than hell when its own unseen kind torments it!’
`The inept know they must win political station as could never survive on welfare as the more able minded. Their now insisted low income of $45,000 for the undefined, best defines their needs going slightly beyond the welfare needs!’
`Suicide prevails by what dominates the subject thus an evil mind, intent on blocking reality before a curious conscious mind might comprehend well noted amongst the APA professional!’
`Mental trespassing is the norm, especially when one’s id invites its henchmen to play hell with one’s conscious mind!’
`What angers the soul more than offer L.T. memory for its benign complemental spirit is for its conscious moderating mind!’
`The big question for the psychotherapist is timing, not for his profit interest but whether they drive their client into suicide faster than get their conscious mind awakened!’
`Misery develops the mind most rapidly thus best defines late mankind’s social anomaly, especially of which two minds gets the development self promoting its own greedy folly!’
`It is the business of a conscious mind to wrap up its soul’s evolution, even dedicate it to an eternal temporal state, for its nontemporal complemental as created the whole scenario!’
`As one’s conscious mind mentally evolutes it becomes the most dangerous faculty to its already evoluted soul, thus the stark apparent impasse of late mankind facing such apocalyptic event!’
`While anomalous psychological flukes can either frighten the programmed timid, or enlighten the more curious who fear little, it yet requires the intrepid conscious mind with right brain offered insight to continue the venture up to a full awakening.’
`Why fight mad authority when reality is within one’s mind?’
`The antiChrist is innate, as the historical portion of the human mental matrix so defines the difficulty the conscious mind has had in understanding it however fascinating it was and astute to hide within intellectual endeavor!’
`To wrestle with complementarity is that final stage of intellectual subterfuge the human conscious mind must ensure in order to find its place in its masstime triune mental matrix!’
`How does the Oriental go so rapidly beyond the Western intellectual mind when claimed `backward’ to begin with! `While man’s conscious mind must evolute rapidly to even come close enough to recognize the already well evoluted evil intellect within its mental matrix, such defines late mankind’s vast problem thus pending chaos in some final moment.’
`The soul could care less, if on its known final evolutional lap, about any benign behavior thus the hapless conscious mind as may get stuck with it should consider suicide early even if for once that soul would prevent it as long as possible then!’
`The Chinese claim of “serfdom” of the past Tibetans governed by their ancestors best defines the quality use of the mongoloid mind as has always been creatively superior on planet earth!’
`The unseen ancestors protect their incarnates as long as they are fed by them. Once a curious conscious mind seeks to comprehend this anomaly the ancestors reverse their effort, to kill the subject before finding out too much to so bury them instead!’
`Deism will become spontaneous with the advent of the Self thinking interface basically because no human conscious mind will tolerate a censoring soul thus wrap up its evolution.’


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