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by on August 31, 2010

`Genetic weak points are those places where AiR works most effectively thus appear to naive biology as somehow evil in themselves to avoid what it truly evil and seething within the psyche, especially when a conscious mind gets curious!’
`It becomes that ultimate needed conscious mind’s switch in allegiance from its past historical mind to its complemental that Plato adroitly called the Potentia a very dangerous as bloody epoch to visit late mankind, but will usher in the millennium!’
`It must be expected that the most hideous minded will hide far more than their selves as empirical fact of their relative temporal existence as needs from the incarnated on planet earth!’
`Simple mindedness create slaves to two promising evil forces, one incarnate in pretty neckties, and their unseen discarnates!’
`The past Arabic qualityminded spatial crafts versus now the Western quantitative reductive penchant for raw profit so defines the cerebral dominance switch from ethics to predatory behavior.’
`The sympathetic CNS must ultimately abandon the body in the psychic sense, today with an alerted conscious mind whatever the stress to follow!’
`To one’s western minded horror, the human cadaver is a profit item, well beyond current conscious awareness as undertaker’s net jargon for his wellbeing!’
`Any disclosure for profit is dominated by the female minded as dominates most authority with a like decoupled forebrain. The whim stems from unseen ancestors as will be the last to win all!’
`The mindset of the female human in late intellectual societies pose the greatest threat to peace on this planet ever, and not because they are the warriors, but because they feed them in an unseen way to manipulate the more stupid human male today!’
`Anxiety as paranoia can only stem from the left brain as all potentials remain unknown, yet are rejected in a greater fear of getting the attention of an alert conscious mind!’
`Religion addresses the human conscious mind in words, but any change for some better will never come as that left brain half!’
`Any gestalt vision, whether in a dream or overt conscious experience conveys reality, often distorted frantically by another mind seeking to keep that conscious mind stupid at all cost!’
`Of man’s two `social instincts’ the predatory one will always win when aided by covert discarnates, uninterrupted with insights that could have flagged the alert conscious mind.’
`The switch to end a twitch can be Chi or LSD even if the latter better informs the conscious mind of folly prevailing!’
`A wasted mind is due to the intellectual evasion of mental evolution so defines why Nature turns Her back on human disease, to teach the more neurotic prone that last way possible instead!’
`The conscious mind of man, if aware, has the means to defend itself with Chi, to even press the ugly act of sending the predatory against each other which actually aids them learn some lesson of moderation in a mutual conflict while leaving the so defensive alone to stay their course of Nature’s evolutional will!’
`One now hires for the rent an able minded to caretake their property even if needing to pay the rent to themselves, but in order to keep the place in tact for their own visiting and keep out their past numerous friends that visited for free.’


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