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by on August 31, 2010

`If we of astute engineering ability would find difficulty in erecting the 100 foot 40 ton stones at Alexandria, why can’t that same mind figure out how teleportation works at this late date?’
`The `ball use’ syndrome, from golf courses to Physics defines what within the human mind needed some tenured game to survive!’
`To sacrifice their incarnate physical body the soul happily does but to evade a curious conscious mind. This now defines late mankind’s greatest problem to perceive its scientific stupidity!’
`Computer programs are like religious ones but never do any of either of their logic become comprehensible with profit in mind!’
`It is the conscious mind standing by to learn about reality that evokes the sympathetic’s vast neurosis in proportion to its past mental evolutional growth, thus sciencefiction readers may be a risk when reading real science which might alert that conscious mind of seething folly that Freud called Thanatosic!’
`As we consciously begin to awaken to subjective reality we then find other realities take on urgencies never before noted!’
`One’s overt soul only discloses its folly overtly when it can no longer hide from the alerted conscious mind!’
`As a fox watching the chickencoupe, the id keeps the conscious mind dumb so as to not ask questions on how as when folly is considered whatever the consequences.’
`Always seething in the wings of the human mental matrix is their personal devil which never will its conscious mind find!’
`A purposely preoccupied mind seldom will try to comprehend what may be feeding upon it surreptitiously, while watching TV!’
`To earn one’s right to die in peace requires a resolute mind, to say nothing of the often as rapid adroit use of insight!’
`It is not the slipperiness of the soul’s skin, but its evoluted mental ability at rapid mental reductive processing to evade most conscious mind’s even with prompt insight prompting!’
`The inevitable comes full circle to the human female and no amount of brain research will catch their attention. This defying the empirical obvious makes clear what a decoupled forebrain can do to block any nuance of insight thus understanding the mind!’
`The only way to halt greed in a mind programmed to want is to freeze it down at zero Kelvin. Worse, because its intellectual evolution has finally brought it up to such realization it will evoke the dismay if not demise of the late human animal!’
`Cruelty stems from jealousy, the worst of it from one’s own sympathetic CNS or id, finally learning its own curious conscious mind poses its greatest liability of completed mental evolution as will remand that psychic entity back into extended time!’
`With antiG travel and navigation, a small finite weight as a mtDNA molecule might could define the seen super acceleration of UFOs as interplanetary travel of ancient minds well evoluted!’
`The tenured fear being discovered as buffoons parroting cliche. They make laws so social controversy in simple minded terms, to permit more snooping to learn something new for free!’
`The conscious mind responds to rational fear, yet gets frightened about the irrational which the left brain conveys, which is most rational indeed when seen for its underlying goal!’
`The late human conscious mind can little help itself now with a very well evoluted thus cunning soul in its left brain half!’


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