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by on August 31, 2010

`Ignorance prevents depression especially when stupidity prevails in the conscious mind!’
`The greatest opportunity to slip in folly comes when a conscious mind is fearing something not worthy of consideration!’
`It is the id alone that now seeks new information but never in front of its conscious mind which might learn too much today!’
`Between the ancient soul still kicking and screaming and the whimpering begging naive conscious mind held in stupidity, little doubt the Lord is getting tired of its whole scene of creation!’
`When dogooders find no more to do than evil, as culture dies in chaos most because the able minded then lay low!’
`Because of the great liability today in noting covert AiR in progress as a preparedness for overt death, psychoanalysis needs to be conducted with the Self thinking interface on the Net, with anonymous YN answers to prepare a conscious mind for the worse!’
`There can be no greater chagrin for the blundering conscious mind watching guiding dreams yet ignore them then pray verbally for aid which only comes from the most profit seeking unseen!’
`The hardest lesson the more intellectual as evolved conscious mind finds is how to maintain physiological health, even under modern sterile conditions?’
`The only way the soul will leave its body is in happiness, as after intellectually destroying it for the agony of a wiser conscious mind that paid attention to that soul’s mentor!’
`The gods of mankind’s underworld all have a different ethnic background so not often what constitutes any ethical balance. It thus defines the end where conscious mind begins to understand and those yet unseen god’s demands for Armageddon!’
`A soul held into semiextended time becomes least bothersome if its conscious mind uses Chi to further extent that time when considering reality or evade instated AiR whenever found.’
`The cliche soothes while facts startle, so either define what rules late mankind’s conscious mind, via his left brain half with academic impunity!’
`The objective of Nature is to allow sufficient suffering to not only get a soul’s attention but its conscious mind’s failure to moderate a folly that has gone on too long for all concerned!’
`The trauma coming where the public will be alerted to what is in the minds of leaders compared to their promises will promote the expected paradigm shift, only its rate to be of interest!’


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