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by on August 31, 2010

`The only time for incarceration will be for the psychedelic experience when the id can act up. Once the conscious mind grabs the reigns for life not incarceration thereafter will be needed!’
`To have one’s mind so fixed on Jesus can be a vast hazard as the Christ could then be overlooked!’
`If the 600Bly intervals of the grand cosmic EMP starts is due to some mindless randomness, then so is the animated human with a perverted sense of intellectual goodness!’
`How can the immune response of a mouse be compared with man when the latter’s greater evolution of its intellectual Thanatos can outwit its kept dumb conscious mind?’
`What mind more would avoid being detected via hallucinogens than what uses the human left brain as the devil itself?’
`Few with left brain intellectual dominance now will awaken to what dominates their conscious mind now, guiding all thoughts for one conclusion called death as Freud perceived and reflected his bizarre famous expression or all to analyze!’
`It is the soul’s full knowledge ahead of time of its earned hate by its conscious mind thus its Thanatosic behavior would be no anomaly once understood consciously!’
`To avoid a simple 100% microelectrode cure for cancer to promote chemotherapeutic adjuncts defines who governs the medical profession and are not seen in the flesh with far greater profit interests in mind with slowly dying humans!’
`Kept dumb, mankind faces his own overt demise but because he fails to note what unseen needs his ignorance in order to manipulate his mind to do folly thus acquire karmic debts to continue the circuitous feeding folly between incarnations.’
`An anomalous bother when near some solution in deeper thought can define how close to reality such thinker actually is because the need at such moment to dissuade further thought is imperative in the minds of the diabolical who hate reality!’
`Human love becomes stupid when the conscious mind gets duped to aid its left brain while avoiding or denying its benign complemental from where all prolife, genius, or conscience comes!’
`It finally becomes funny to the aware conscious mind where all past gyrations to buy time get understood and ever more silence follows to disrupt quality reasoning!’
`The which grows from extended temporal darkness will learn compatibility with its benign complemental or return to those depths to reside in infinite time again, little wiser yet perform a stationary mind filled with LT memories.’
`The pending apocalypse fortunately will be complex as cross academic in nature, to not disturb those with their minds made up as tenured in the status quo since mass suicide would be sooner when not all were ready to leave with all skeletons revealed!’ `If indeed women investors do so much better at guessing in the stock markets it shows who guides their minds, as the men who are likely programmed by women!’
`To use one’s dreams to define how to correct one’s life as once damaged body is the only true way where reality is defined in visual terms for the action of a yet willful conscious mind.’
`To realize how close Freud came in defining Thanatos now may clearly define Renoux’s data as left brain behavior upon being discovered by a curious conscious mind, especially using a Royal Road dream to define reality!’
`It took a very long time to pervert they body to permit the hideous to use it also, thus it takes a long time to correct the damage if indeed the conscious mind awakens soon enough using Chi to sweep out the corruption in order to replace the damage!’
`It is complexity in serial ordered memory that stagnates the academically programmed mind, called intellectual endeavor yet to avoid thinking any deeper into the fundamentals of Nature.’
`One LT memory aids to prompt a conscious mind of petty items it promotes mental abdication as with Alzheimer’s for any further conscious attention into Nature’s designs and goals.’
`All that is needed for man’s conscious mind to know is the criminal element occupying his left brain half. The rest of Nature’s evolutional cause will then fall into place!’


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