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by on August 31, 2010

`The human mind serves under a double indemnity where it must learn all about life from scratch while being censored by its id to be kept stupid in order to be manipulated up to its death!’
`One, as some shrink, needs to demand to speak with another’s conscious mind to alert them of what might respond with halftruths to buy time before that conscious mind can act to stem AiR and kill their body as rapidly as possible today!’
`Gains to or for the reductive minded are spoils while for the inductive some offer of God but never fear It.’
`To be indentured to the state is one thing, but to “we one’s soul to the company store” which is not on planet earth,is something the human conscious mind had best start to consider soon!’
`One must learn how to go mad without madness the greatest need the human conscious mind will soon realize very clearly!’
`Governments seek to learn things first, yet do not learn who is then picking their minds in order to govern unseen as head off the considered dangerous who think too clearly!’
`The subjective experience needs to be examined on two fronts, some placebo affect or physiobiomechanical front. The NMR image might aid, yet needs a quality theory of how complemental minds operate as an integrated spacetime whole.’
`While statistics aid in defining some net direction for quality thought, only the nonnumerical mode of subjective visualization confirms reality to so make up one’s mind!’
`The reason why the least able minded need a constant salary increase is to enable them to stay ahead of the game with newly created jargon with ever more elegant promises!’
`Antagonisms generated between souls is their problem even if becomes one of the yet naive conscious mind, struggling to understand perpetrated folly upon its body. Thus to seek to shed as so educate one’s own soul, best decouples its earned retribution for past folly whomever might then have suffered with it!’
`Men and women want children for different reasons, the former his glee of watching a mind grow while the latter her dismay!’
`The `fixed mind’ syndrome is often an intellectual neurosis factor, most in men who obtain some status yet in women who allow ancestors to run their psychological business by holy communion!’
`Men do not separate space from time easily as their integrated forebrains show. While it offers their conscious mind a fixed state from which to ponder more of reality, it also permits more conscience to be noted when choices in life become difficult.’
`Women who hate booze defines who governs their mind!’
`Any collective unconscious where ancestors with like mtDNA keys to the incarnate body, act in unison for their common feeding needs seldomly the incarnate’s conscious mind’s awareness.’
`Ignorance in the primitive animal is the norm but in mankind it is programmed into the conscious mind for diabolical reasons!’
`Followed ritual has its place in the digital computer, not a mind that seeks to evolute, whatever time rate it thinks!’
`Whatever it takes, the subjective faith factor in some higher mental faculty is required for the simple minded evolutional progress in keeping that simple mind open to evade neuroticism.’
`Fossilized men or minds stem from ancestors, now most expressing themselves as become desperate realizing their goal in limbo since cannot cease their ugly predatory behaviors.’
`Psychic perversion will disappear with the church when humanity finally awakens to what rules it mind, yet will require that epoch of losing souls in suicide by what the Self thinking interface says about skeletons!’
`To capitalize for noninnovation requires redundant behavior, especially making laws to ensure the yet able minded pay taxes or offer profitable Patent filings, as can be classified secret!’
`Renegades that examine life or Nature in a fresh light need to keep their .45 loose in the holster, because many now in power with envy will rob anyone for prestige if not those who governs their closedoff mind which offered conscience before.’


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