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by on August 31, 2010

`The impulsive urge of one’s soul merely defines who are driving it as recognize when the conscious mind is weak.’
`Temporal ideas, from wherever they come, evoke the next mental move to question deeper meanings yet not considered. It may be likely the better form of used curiosity if once instated into a conscious mind before perversion sets in at the age of reason.’
`Psychotics are a pathetic sign of a struggling conscious mind attempting to fathom he chaos offered it to prevent its awakening of what demands ignorance a factor that drives the APA professional to suicide defining his higher IQ level.’
`What drives us to eat certainly would never divulge to we the conscious mind its objective, as the host behind it goading to so feed them as well a factor the Anasazi understood well!’
`Whether one’s own fool in their body with them, or its ancestors fouling its quality, the greater fool until becoming aware is that conscious mind, to not find the means to a quality life!’
`What comes to mind if verbal needs to be mostly ignored since is only for upmanship. If what comes is visual, it needs attention with conscious care!’
`Rumors about the Self thinking device allow time for the able minded to think as withdraw their bets to bet on chaos which is coming with a vengeance!’
`The only valid surveyor, however bizarre their opinions, is a conscious mind judging its two complemental minds. While either alone appears excessive in emotion, together they moderate each other for what constitutes normalcy in spacetime environs.’
`Warning dreams only are offered a conscious mind because the id already knows what it is up too!’
`Officials in authority must abandon their numbers as credentials if they are to learn much more about reality. It is that coming traumatic epoch where their conscious mind will realize it was sustained stupid in hopes of up to its expected end!’
`How could regiment minded leaders create or sustain cohesive societies with people who could think?’
`The left brain sadly must teach its conscious mind awful lessons in order for both to evolute in slow masstime.’


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