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by on August 31, 2010

`The conscious mind is in a large room with many closed closet doors of which some hide evil that must so be learned in the hard way because its soul and henchmen in there demand full conscious ignorance of folly or will bring death before any alerting.’
`A preoccupied conscious mind as with today’s hectic amusement
`How can one consciously `get it together’ when one of their 3 minds has no intention of such act? If anything when pushed, does its best to evoke AiR with premeditated murder well in mind!’
`The soul’s jealousy dictates it destroys its own body before allowing its kept naive conscious mind a peek into reality!’
`Its the competition between one’s id and that conscious mind that evokes late mankind’s great strife especially if that former remains ignorant until AiR fully sets in!’
`A spoiled child merely owns a spoiled ancient soul that has managed to fool its conscious mind as parents blinking stupidly!’
`Those with preconceived notions about existence have unsaid reasons just as those unseen who govern their minds!’
`Oddly the sympathetic CNS blinds its itself at the fovea via freeradicals but to keep its conscious mind dumb. Likely its alternate means of seeing suffices, even if in 2D!’
`It is what tries to dominate the human conscious mind that gets depressed, especially when it seeks a solution to its reason by wondering about some other mind within!’
`As fast as the human race began to intellectually evolve, its soul’s objective was to dumbdown its conscious mind, as it was then seen as valuable to feed the discarnates who seeked to evade the extended temporal place it stayed between incarnations!’
`More trauma is felt in the unconscious when a conscious mind gets alerted to reality, thus explains mankind’s late ignorance promulgated by academia, as governed by man’s deceased legions!’
`To overfeed an animal aids in keeping it censored for dirty work like feeding ancestors and preparing that body for death with AiR, in case its conscious mind should get wary!’
`Collusion is late mankind’s greatest problem who does not yet perceive it is with discarnate ancestors now ruling their minds!’
`To fail to recognize what guides the `godly minded’ also fail any test on righteousness even if claiming most such license to govern another be it apartheid, caste or especially democratic!’
`The human body needs to last only so long to accomplish Nature’s goal thus its soul does what it can to shorten it with AiR as rapidly as possible with a curious conscious mind!’
`The late process of human evolution becomes traumatic for the conscious mind who inherits a well evoluted soul. A hide and seek game becomes final and hope is lost without knowing Chi can aid!’
`There are too many of the ancestor legions now being fed for even any aware conscious mind to cope without ample use of Chi!’
`The spirit allows the conscious mind just as its subconscious or soul to suffer in order to learn when refusing advice offered as in dream. Sadly, the more naive conscious mind suffers most as must learn of folly as AiR, done to it if getting too close to recognizing its folly prone soul, especially lacking Chi defense to evict either that left brain user or its depraved henchmen!’
`Quality self interest depends on which lateral brain one’s conscious mind pays attention too!’
`The left brain user attempts to program its conscious mind as some computer data processor without any ideas about discrimination to remain some automaton for life’s folly until death!’
`Frantic spending sustains a frantic mind, especially from any seeking the genesis of that frantic subterfuge yet unseen.’


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